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Rumor has it Turkey is planning to send a naval vessel to escort a blockade run. If they actually do this it's clear they want an armed confrontation with Israel. If Israel destroys it Erdogan will have carte blanche for quick and bloody elimination of the remaining secularists in Turkey's government and military, followed by bloody pogroms of their remaining Jews and Christians. In fact, that's probably the point of the exercise. They might even prepare for a full-scale invasion of Israel. There is also the matter of Turkey's ambitions outside of eliminating Israel. How about taking the remainder of Cyprus and invading Greece? Nobody would confront Turkey over Cyprus, and getting kicked out of Greece (not to mention the rest of the Balkans) has been a thorn in their sides for a long time. Greece's current troubles make an ideal time for reconquering them.
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This is amusing, see as how a recent defense (Time? Newsweek?) of the outrageous pay and benefits government workers get included "superior experience and skills" as reasons why it's ok to pay government workers that much.
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I'm much more concerned about sections 401-416 and 926. Meddling in the private capital markets cannot be good, it almost always results in strongly favoring the public markets, and strongly favoring incumbents over new entrants.
What the airlines found was turn times almost 10 minutes faster than when bags were hauled aboard. So passengers should collectively waste an extra half hour each checking bags (because that's what would happen if everybody checked bags) to save the airline 10 minutes at the gate? There's almost no fare reduction that could compensate me for the waste of my time.
Very, very cool. I love the HDR colors.
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Beck believes in the "hijacked by extremists" version of Islam. It is therefore no surprise he think Wilders is out to hurt all those (mythical IMO) "peaceful Muslims". We should send Beck an avalanche of emails about Muslim vote fraud in the recent Netherlands election.
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Mar 9, 2010