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Tracy Weslosky
CEO of Pro-edge Consultants Inc., agents and publishers of online talent.
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The upshot: farm fields will go wanting, yields will come under pressure and the big potash producers will have to sit back and balance what it can ask for in the market and what end-users are willing to pay.
As a matter of debate, the day this story came out: most of the stocks highlighted on were green. The ability for anyone to predict anything in the REE sector with the upcoming and anticipated announcements from the Chinese the first week of July is a sport play that is anyone's call to make. I do applaud anyone willing to place their bets.
Now we can see if underneath that froth is a good stout ale, or just a namby pamby watered down lite beer instead. If we had to guess, right now we’d say it looks like ale, but, as always, we shall let our trading stops be the judge. We take a flyer in the silver ETF market this morning in the premarket, albeit with a razor-thin work-or-else stop. We are planning a Got Gold Report update for this weekend, to be delivered to Vultures (Got Gold Report Subscribers) by late Sunday afternoon, early Monday at the latest. That is all for now, but there is more to come.
The bears will use the bounce as an excuse to sell silver harder. The bulls will be emboldened to jump back in or add to positions. The bull/bear battle continues. Meanwhile, the COMEX open interest for silver has gone nowhere, still hovering near 130,000 contracts. Silver on the Cash Market is trading well under the near-active July contract and the bedlam of the past several trading days has caused a massive shift in trader confidence. Bulls have become meek from bold, bears the opposite. It all seems a bit far and a bit too fast, doesn’t it? May has indeed arrived on schedule and it brought with it a vicious selloff in all commodities, blowing off the froth. What it really hasn’t done is change any of the underlying fundamentals that sent gold and silver skyward to begin with. What it hasn’t done is create a huge new pile of available silver metal to answer the huge and growing demand for it.
Comment for the first post. discipline – marketing, public relations, public affairs, advertising, investor relations, etc. – is the need to engage and persuade audiences and measure success. Our expertise and insight help determine the best solution for our clients, and we take a customized approach to helping our clients surpass their goals. From Facebook to Factiva, and trade journals to Twitter, we’ll connect you to the audiences and influencers that matter most. No matter where they are.
Comment for second post. ongoing revisions of the specialty metals clause; the 2010 Government Accountability Office review of rare earths in defense applications; the 2011 assessment of rare earth supply and demand in defense applications; the Department of Energy Critical Materials Strategy; the Office of Science and Technology Policy interagency working group on critical materials; and a variety of other efforts. He is cited frequently in the press regarding strategic and critical material issues.
Limited (“Lancaster”); their initial issue was oversubscribed, raising 7.8millionCDN after initial trading in January 2011 -- they have 37.4million shares outstanding at a market cap of 28millionCDN (@0.75CDN per). With 8 prospects clearly defined, Mkango's main target is the Carbonatite Vent at Songwe Hill. Songwe Hill, a road-accessible site 70km from Malawi’s main commercial centre of Blantyre, has shown exposed Carbonatite at surface of the 230m elevated Hill. Mkango holds a 100% interest (zero Joint Venture commitment) in claim applications and claim reservations on its territory, where grades from recent sampling of Carbonatites have shown as high as 5.3% TREO. Mkango has a strong and experienced Board, led by CEO William Dawes, former VP at JP Morgan, where he specialized in metals & mining, and Alexander Lemon, previously Managing Director of Gold & Mineral Excavation Inc. Both Mr. Dawes and Mr. Lemon were founding Directors of Mkango’s primary shareholder, Leo Mining and Exploration. Mkango is also working with Dr. Alan Woolley of the British Museum of Natural History, a world renowned Carbonatite specialist who first worked in Malawi during the 1960s under the original pioneers who first discovered Carbonatites with rare earths in Malawi. Malawi has a proven track record in terms of mine development, with Paladin Energy’s uranium mine, Kayelekera, recently going into production, a stable operating environment with a highly supportive Government for exploration and mine development.
Dacha Capital is a relative newcomer to the rare earths sector. Instead of owning rare earth deposits or the shares of junior mining and exploration companies, the company’s focus is on the purchasing of physical inventories of rare earths and other materials as an investment strategy. As such, the company has been subject to a lot of scrutiny, as investors and others in the sector try to develop a sense of what Dacha is about, and its role in the industry. Given the unusual nature of Dacha’s investment philosophy, I took the opportunity recently to ask Patrick Wong, Dacha's chief investment officer, some questions on Dacha’s business model, and the company's approach to the market. We covered a range of topics, including: •Dacha's current business model; •Similarities and differences between Dacha and recently announced ETF funds; •Dacha's approach to acquiring physical inventory, how such inventory is acquired and how it is stored; •The challenge of purchasing hard assets in a non-transparent market; •The effects of the recent announcements from China relating to export restrictions and pricing, on Dacha's business model, and the viability of non-Chinese junior mining and exploration companies
January 14, 2011 -- Thunder Bay, ON (Source Rare Earth Metals Inc.) -- Rare Earth Metals Inc (“Rare Earth Metals”, “RA” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:RA) announced today that its company information will be made available via Standard & Poor's Market Access Program, an information distribution service that enables subscribing publicly traded companies to have their company information disseminated to users of Standard & Poor's Advisor Insight. The company information to be made available through this program includes share price, volume, dividends, shares outstanding, company financial position, and earnings. Standard & Poor's Advisor Insight is an Internet-based research engine used by more than 100,000 investment advisors. A public version of the site is available at In addition, information about companies in Standard & Poor's Market Access Program will be available via S&P's Stock Guide database, which is distributed electronically to virtually all major quote vendors. As part of the program, a full description of Rare Earth Metals Inc. will also be published in the Daily News section of Standard Corporation Records, a recognized securities manual for secondary trading in up to 38 states under their Blue Sky Laws. Also the Company would like to report that it has hired Windward Agency to be the Company’s investor relations representative in the United States. Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2011 at RareMetalBlog
Ellis and Gene -- this is a FANTASTIC INTERVIEW and you 2 are the best in our business! Can you tell me whose idea it was to get you 2 together? Love it! Tracy
December 14, 2010 (Source: Globe & Mail) -- If there is any time for a rare earth miner to raise money, it’s now. Typical resources are extremely hot at the moment, making some investors think they are overvalued. Instead of playing that market, they look downstream to the lesser-known set of minerals. At the moment, China produces about 95 per cent of the 130,000 tonnes of rare earth metals consumed every year. But Canadian companies are trying to change that, developing more projects as China cuts back on its exports. And, China has been finicky with Japan, cutting off rare earth exports to its neighbour after Japan detained a Chinese fishing boat captain this fall. Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2010 at RareMetalBlog
Rare Earth Round Table Discussion -- The Rare Earth Round Table discussion involves Nick Curtis (Lynas Corporation), Wesley Legrand (Grand Private Equities), Gavin Lockyer (Arafura) and Ian Chalmers (Alkane). An outstanding discussion between Australian leaders in the rare earth industry. Recorded on November 19, 2010 Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2010 at RMBAudio
If you email me directly at, we would be happy to provide you with some educational materials to assist you in a starting point for learning...
November 25, 2010 (Source: Globe and Mail) -- Cameco Corp. (CCJ-N36.89-0.27-0.73%) shares have moved sharply higher since our last review in September, thanks to a surge in world uranium prices. After hovering in the low $40s-US-per-pound range for the first half of the year, the price began to move up in August, reaching $48 a pound in September. Since then, it has spiked dramatically, trading near $60 a pound. TD Securities says the price jump is due to new demand from China and has raised its 2011 forecast to $62.50 a pound with a $75 target in 2012. If that seems steep, consider that uranium sold for $140 a pound in 2008, according to published reports. Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2010 at U3O8_1
November 24, 2010 (Source: Todays Zaman) -- Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız has stated that the ministry will discuss the planned construction of a nuclear plant in Sinop with Japanese officials next week. Yıldız received Secretary General of the World Energy Council Christoph Frei and President of the World Energy Council Turkish National Committee Süreyya Yücel at his office on Tuesday. He noted that while the ministry will start talks regarding the construction of the nuclear energy plant in Sinop next week, they will also evaluate partnership offers from other countries. Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2010 at U3O8_1
November 24, 2010 (Source: Reuters) -- The China Nuclear Energy Association has recommended the government adopt a 2020 target of 70 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity, but companies in the sector are pushing for more, association Vice-Chairman Zhao Chenkun told Reuters on Wednesday. China is expected to unveil a development plan for its alternative energy sector in coming months, updating 2020 targets for nuclear energy, and renewables such as hydropower and wind. Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2010 at U3O8_1
November 23, 2010 (Source: Bloomberg) -- The government of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, announced plans to spend billions of dollars more on nuclear reactors, wind and solar projects and to eliminate coal plants by 2014. Ontario, which generates more than a third of Canada’s output, is to use C$87 billion ($85 billion) to build at least two nuclear plants and refurbish 10 others over the next 20 years, as well as pay for new wind, solar and biomass projects, the province said today. Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2010 at U3O8_1
November 24, 2010 (Source: Indrus) -- News about negotiations between Russian state corporation Rosatom and the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) were reported last Friday by Interfax news agency, citing Rosatom Director General Sergey Kirienko. The offer has been made, so now the ball is in India’s court, said Kirienko, although he did not specify the terms of the deal. He only added that Russia will retain controlling interest in the project. The Elkon group of uranium deposits, located in Yakutia, a republic in Eastern Siberia, is the second largest source of uranium in the world, second only to Olympic Dam in Australia (operated by BHP Billiton, it contains 34% of proven uranium reserves worldwide. This past summer, the Australasian Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) estimated one of the Elkon deposits to contain 229,800 tonnes of uranium. Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2010 at U3O8_1
Mark A. Smith, president and chief executive officer of Molycorp Inc., owner of the world’s largest non-Chinese deposit of rare-earth metals, talks about demand for the minerals. Rare-earth prices have jumped after China, the source of more than 90 percent of worldwide supplies, cut its second-half export quota. Smith speaks... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2010 at RareMetalTV