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John, Several quick ideas: 1) Since you've done the ROA analysis, it'd be terrific go back and look at the companies with the highest ROA and determine what they are doing differently (though it's likely, based on some of your examples, your team is working on this), 2) I suspect part of the problem we're all facing is too much information coming in from too many directions; therefore, we should be striving to take advantage of new filtering and analysis technologies (consider IBM's Watson's capabilities, for example), 3) I think that finding some type of paradigm with practical metrics is key to generating "more and more sustainable prosperity from the limited natural resources," something I've been thinking about in terms of, for lack of a better name, multicapital substitution model, and 4) sources such as might be key to increasing serendipitous encounters and learning tacit knowledge.
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Mar 28, 2011