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I didn't know you guys had a code of ethics! I know of a popular blogger who sells her services as a pet consultant. She inserts what appears to be some commercial links in her posts. After I emailed her, I received a formatted reply because she had so many complaints about one post. She noted she'd removed the link to the pet food company site. I have to wonder about her integrity now. Perhaps she's not doing that well with her business if she needs to add links to questionable pet food companies, etc.
I would add info the rescue group ad that people could photograph with their phones; little pieces of paper are easily lost. I saw an ad at the vet's office where all the tear tabs were gone and there was no other contact info listed on the ad! Not good. Include the suggestion "Photograph this ad!" and test your ad to make sure you can read it in a photo. You can now include one of those square QR Codes — abbreviated from Quick Response Code, that can take people to a website or listing online. "Google has a popular API to generate QR Codes, and apps for scanning QR Codes can be found on nearly all smartphone devices." (Source: Wikipedia,
No kill shelter needs your help: City is undermining efforts, causing dogs to be neglected. I was checking out the No Kill Nation Blog & read the June 23, 2011 post "Cuba, Missouri, Votes to Go No Kill". I decided to click on the link to the group's FB page & found out the city appears to be undoing all their hard work! Their Animal Control Officer, Jeff, was ordered to read water meters the last three days of each month instead of doing animal control. Apparently, dogs weren't fed & their pens weren't clean for three days because the ACO was ordered to read meters instead. "Jeff was told by city officials, including the mayor and the supervisor at the police department and the supervisor at public works that he was not to go to the shelter to work, that it would interfere with the reading of water meters. Jeff called the police department and public works officials last month to remind them that someone would need to come and clean the shelter and feed the animals while he was reading water meters." See note:!/notes/sue-rhoades/cuba-missouris-animal-control-officer-was-fired-tonight/2299803376330 But that didn't happen, and it's been two months in a row that their ACO has been asked to do this. Officials appear to be undermining all the work that's been done! People are now worried if the arranged transfers of dogs will happen now! Why are officials doing this? Cuba Missouri Animal Control FB page for those reforming their Animal Control,
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Aug 3, 2011