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Can you believe Minnesota GOPers actually have the cajones to say with a straight face: "You can't spend more than you have in your checkbook." Unreal. I've never seen a bigger collection of crooks, liars, and hypocrites than in the GOP's 2011 Session Of Scoundrels.
Note to readers: Mr. Johnson contacted me about the comments he left on Mr. Morillo-Alicea's post, as he noted that they had not been released from moderation. I was away from my computer at the time he left them. I went typepad's editor and didn't see the comments, nor did I receive an email alert that Mr. Johnson's comments on the JMA post were waiting. I assumed then--and still believe this to be the case--that a software glitch caused the comments to be swallowed, and asked Mr. Johnson to post them again, and that I would release them from moderation. To my knowledge, he has not yet done so. As I have told him in multiple email exchanges, the offer still stands--and I have today offered to post them myself in the comment section, using the same author information he uses. The offer still stands: when I receive Mr. Johnson's comments in the section--or in an email for me to post- they will be posted on Mr. Morillo-Alicea's post. Update: I have found the comments (in an email) that Mr. Johnson did not wish to repost, and posted them over my own name, at the Morillo-Alicea post. You may read them here: Here's the comment Mr. Johnson left here--on this post-- addressing his perceptions of the situation: Just to be clear -- you allowed Javier to post a couple of days ago where he started out by calling Eric Pusey, Jeff Rosenberg and I - by name - "defeatists" and that's ok. But what I wrote isn't. You're a real stand-up kind of a lady, SJS.
Editor's note to the comment --for those coming in via MNPublius' 11/18 post-- A note about commenting on Bluestem: Tommy Johnson's barb below aimed at Javier Morillo-Alicea is as close as one can come to an attack to the person--and a factual distortion--as I will allow on Bluestem. At issue here is Mr. Johnson's suggestion that Mr. Morillo-Alicea has not used the tools of social media to organize. This jab is false. As president of SEIU Local 26, Mr. Morillo-Alicea has led an organization which deploys social media to organize workers and to affect change. Mt. Johnson would do well to review the local's efforts --in conjunction with environmental groups--last spring on the Green Jobs campaign for a new contract for janitors cleaning buildings in downtown Minneapolis. In a recessionary times, the workers--with the help of allies--won an innovative and strong contract. Social media was a part of this victory. Moreover, Mr. Morillo-Alicea has been a leader in the fight for CIR and to fight SB1070, both in Arizona and copy-cat bills here in Minnesota. He spearheaded and organized the outcry last spring against Steve Drazkowski's HF 3830, using tools provided by Blue State Digital, Facebook, Youtube and so forth to unite dozens of leaders in the immigrant rights, labor, social justice and faith communities. At the national level, he headed SEIU's immigration committee--overseeing efforts to persuade and organize via social media that drew thousands into the fight to fix the broken system. Those who are more familiar with Mr. Morillo-Alicea's work know of other examples. Mr. Johnson's shot thus is ill-taken. In the future, I will not publish remarks that attack individuals commenting here. Stick to the substance of the arguments and respect what others have done in the real world. In the past, I have not published comments in which the poster states information that I know to be false, and I will not allow personal attacks that contradict facts, either. Two Putt Tommy's original comment: *** A humble suggestion - perhaps we should focus a little more on using the tools of the internet to ORGANIZE, not just opine. *** Agreed. When do you plan on starting, Javier? Better late than never, I always say.
For some reason, the link didn't work; let's try it again:
*** And third, our conversations around the Party’s direction and future should be driven from the grassroots up. . . . *** Agreed. Which is the point of this post, here. There's not much time between now and the State DFL Central Committee Meeting on December 11th; the local Elected DFL Leadership needs activist input before then.
"Deep in my heart of hearts, I believe there may still be Republicans of principle and conscience -- somewhere....." That "somewhere" Barbara, is in the IP or DFL. You see, "Republicans of principle and conscience" were either run/kicked out, or left in disgust at the actions of today's GreedOverPrinciples party. And those still standing in The Small Tent Party calls those folks "RINO" and worse. For but one example, remember what happened when LTC (Retired) Joe Repya finally had had enough?
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Two quotes that explain Gov. TBag: “I was in the Legislature for 10 years, and I’ve been governor for going on eight years, which is 18 years in which my positions on these matters have not changed." --Tim Pawlenty, 31 Dec 2009 ( And: "Children who are victims of failed personal responsibility are not my problem, nor are they the problem for our government." -- Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty, April 2001 - as quoted in the Aitkin Independent Newspaper "Compassionate Conservativism" - The Gov. TBag Way
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