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Twyla Davis
Planet Earth
Crafter, traveller, occasional cook
Interests: crafts, sci-fi/fantasy, food, games, travel
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Thannar’s journal 17.07.16 Where did I leave off? Och, that greate byrd Goldenwing had flewn off wit us all. O, the displeasure of it. To be so separate from the earth. It’s beyond unsettling. It makes the stomach spin and bounce wtth alarm. It might be handy in a pinch but that ride will haunt my nights. Anyhoo, we returned to our lodging, carrying with us a very dead elf. Zorak called for a cleric buddy (we all had moderate wounds. Save Lord Fancypants who seemed to be severely suffering from a papercut.) The cleric Flagher brought an assistance a slender human fellow named Gerdan. Not sure how good of a healer he is but he’s sure handy with a flint. Fire starts first time every time. He's a dab hand disposing of bodies too perhaps a bit too skilled? Ser Tam tried to see if Flagher could bring back Flyndir. These foreigners sure have some crazy notions! I know Ser Tam thinks to pull secrets from Flyndir’s brain, but you know what I say, a good elf is a dead elf. Flagher being a sensible dwarf just said it couldn't be done. That weasely Drendei sure got an eyeful. With the elf dead he pled to leave. We finally let him go and reports are that he immediately fled the city. Interestingly our lordling would have much preferred to skewer him. As I’ve has cause to note, our paladin orc doesn’t hold well to stategic killing.. For a half-orc that gets on wit most anyone, I’d say there are tension betwixt the two. It was time to be getting on so on we got. Zorak’s carried Lady Parameter we has been fair to silent since our battle. We headed out of the city for a bit of hunting and planning. Played boo with a 5 pack of wolves and partly explored a cave system. Wherein, I found a great treasure. A great treasure indeed. The lady Vigdis. Her hair shines like newly buffed copper. Her eyes are rare emeralds. He voices chimes the fall of the hammer on a jewelers anvil. And her other attributes. Glorious! Round and full as a woman ought. But how do I keep this treasure for myself. There’s a worry. She and her household had taken refuge in caves. Though initally alramed they seemed delighted by our company and the news we shared. Ser Tam passed her one of those messages he’s been carrying for months. Seems they are acquainted from a some social function. Does he think himself a suitor I wonder? If not perhaps he can aid me press my suit. There’s something to think upon. Lady Vigdis helf an impromptu reception for me and the others. Most graciously. Barley beer for all. Lord Fancypants would not partake muttering poison, and body doubles and conspiracies. Ah well, I sed before, the lad is mad. After hearing our story, the lady bid me to return to city. She needs my help. She needs me to get information as her message warns her against Boneworlder instrusions. So we stealthily re-enter the city over the wall in the poor sector and return to our lodgings. Ser Tam and golden eagle have been providing a great aerial distraction. Now to plan. … to steal a heart.
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2017 on Thanar's Chronicles at Twyla Davis
Thanar is an old school dwarf. He LIKES living under the mountain. He's gruff with a gravelly voice and a grip that could squeeze the bend out of your plate gauntlets. While it might not be fair to call him a Xenophobe, it would be all that unfair. He'd say he has a healthy amount of suspicion. Elves however are another matter. They're just evil. The only good elf is a dead elf. Thanar snorts at the fanciful tales some tell. "Other worlds" A thousand kingdoms, ha. Such silliness. He reckons his Auntie Friegal's hearth is a kingdom the way they reckon it. And o'er the mountain is another world. He wonders how the predominately dwarven party has as the sole dwarf. Those city dwarves just have no staying power. Thanar holds a patent as the king's/ king's guard offical armourer. He wields a great axe to devestating effects when he cleaves opponents in battle. Sometimes Thanar is called Thanar the Shiny (perhaps mockingly) For he has a love of precious metals and gemstones. They inspire to fight harder in battle at times but have also been known to lure him away.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2017 on Dungeons of Fate Cast of Characters at Twyla Davis
OKay comment with a description of you character so new players can get to know him/her/it If I need to correct names spellings please let me know. Thanar - (twyla) Bellum - dwarven scoundrel in search of Ancient drawven artifacts. Had a knack for detecting traps. Set us up nicely... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2017 at Twyla Davis
Thanar's Journal 17.07.09 I ne'er thot I'd rite as mouch as I hav this saison. But being away from the Mountain and the forge so long I find my hands itchy at niight an' this scritchin, it soothes me. This band I've ended up with is half daft as I've explained befor. Now a true lunatic has joined us. A mad human lad from House Fancypants. He claims he's a "time traveler" from the distant future. He carries a sharp toothpick he calls a sword and imagines himself a hero of old. He keeps nattering on aboot a cup he must find and and feller in the future he must defeat. Poor lad has no sense at all. Anyhow, I digress. One of Ser Tam's little mice brought us news. It seems a 50 yard swathe of the wall in poor town is being demolished along wit the shacks that abutt ther. Lord Fancypants visited ther and questioned some werkers and what had to be a bone worlder in armour. Not sure how he got back to us. If them bone worlders are involved, it can't be gud. But no one can figger oot why. I snuck down with a sack a silver and provided a small vacation in silver for the 200 or so dwarven workers. The taverns will be full this week! Ser Tam received an invite from City Centre. Says delivery instuctions for his other messages hav come. Pretty suspictious. We all went wit 'him because it was obviously a trap. Things seemed pretty normal but I could tell somewat was wrong. Ser Tam was acting strangely. Even for him. I decided to have a little fun and accidentally drop a stone urn on the official's foot. He cursed rather mightily with that odd clicky accent of his. Then oddly we departed after Ser Tam left a note for his own bosses. The whole event was rather peculiar but nothing compared to what come next. In the plaza with came upon the ever-smug elf bracketed by a pair of plated bone guards. (I hav to admit the arour is pretty gud. Not as gud as my werk but gud nonetheless.) The blackguards thot themselves safe but soon found our blades told a different story. The battle would make a nice drum chant but I'll leave that for another time. Most of us took wounds in the battle. Fer myself I need a healer for my left shoulder and for that nasty cut on my leg. Even Ser Tam's bird got in on the action. Lady Parametre got boshed but gud I might hav to take a look at her arm. Oh speakin' o' her arm. Right before the axes started swinging one of the Boners grab Lady Parameter's arm and says he's gonna git his property back. When he has hold of her arm, the arm lights up with some writing and a star map. It says preperty of then shows a star in heavens. Does this mean she's a follower of some god in the heavens? Not sure. She didn't seem pleased with the way the discussion was going then the blades were flying. So anyhow, we finally killed one of the boners (grabbed the authorization to wear armour in the city (sweet), killed Flynndir, wallopped the other boner but didn't manage to dispatch him before hightailing it our of city centre. Literarly. Ser Tam's bird took of all to safety. (Tho I can find nothing saft about riding a sky beast thus.) Ser Tam wants to try to revive Flynndir. I did mention the whole lot of them are daft didn't I?
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2017 on Thanar's Chronicles at Twyla Davis
The thought and opinions expressed by Thanar are solely his and do not necessarily reflect the views of the blog holder or any patrons. Events are related from his point of view and his priority. As Thanar would point out most of ye are too daft to agree with him.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2017 at Twyla Davis
Okay, how cool are these? I don't know that I could rock this look, but this this is certainly an inventive and rather unique option. Yes, these are made from actual records. Vinylize is based in Hungary and unlike a lot of European makers, you can actually buy these. The... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2017 at Twyla Davis
great start to the blog hop. The combination really pops.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2016 on Blog Hopping with Simple Stories! at Petaloo
I like this. I'd actually use this. It does make me a tad wistful though
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2016 on A Little Mother's Day Gift at Petaloo
As I noted my first tryst with the interchangeable concept was a few years back with Zenka. At that time they only had options for rimless models. I can tell you that what they did have was very thin and very lightweight. Both of these are good qualities but I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2015 at Twyla Davis
Bellinger has these super hot temple that you can switch out on a couple of different fronts. They have both a rimless and fully rimmed model. I can tell the measurement on the rimmed model so still not sure if it will work for me. These are just some of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2015 at Twyla Davis
I've been having a little problem with nosepads on my dailies and than my number one sunglasses went missing. It's time for new glasses. I visited my favorite optician at HEA on Gramercy. Don makes fabulous glasses. The Rx actually works right and I can see well with them. They... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2015 at Twyla Davis
Making it's debut today at CHA was Sizzix's new dye cutting machine - sophisticut. This mini handbag roller style cutting machine is definitely the cutest on the market. This is the machine that the sidekick should have been. It has a 3 inch wide opening and except both Steel rule... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2013 at Twyla Davis
ok extra cool points today
I was very excited to discover the daring barkers via a search for an enticing recipe in November. What a fun group! I rushed ot join eager for the challenge and inspirations. I extolled the group to everyone who happened upon me and eagerly awaited the December announcement. Sourdough! Awesome.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2011 at Twyla Davis
To shop online, go to www.dessertgallery.comTo order by phone, call Kirby Location 713.522.9999Locations: 3600 Kirby Dr., 713.522.9999 • 1616 Post Oak Blvd., 713.622.0007 To ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders),please add to your address book.© 2011 Dessert Gallery, Direct Marketing Department, 8813 Knight Rd, 77054.All... Continue reading
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I had a rather interesting experience with Walmart today (and yesterday). In many ways this is less of a complaint than it is a plea to prove that there is order and logic in the universe. Or, at least in my corner of it. Walmart isn't my usual store, but... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2011 at Twyla Davis
Even though I spend Thanksgiving with friends in Austin, I still make a turkey after I get home. It's a smaller, gentler, less hyped Turkey without the traditional fixin's but all the better for that. This year, I decided to take a page from my brother's book and butterfly it.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2011 at Twyla Davis
What a great name, awesome cookies. the marketing on the campaign is great. It made the cookies sound awesome. In fact, they are very good. I don't know that I'd call them home-style but they are a high end cookie with a nice crunch. They remind me of Rich n... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2011 at Twyla Davis
Okay, I had a few technology hiccups. For some reason the posts created on my ipad refused to upload and then in a fit of pique self destructed in the ether. I'll have to re-gather my part numbers but I'll take a stab at it tonight. Despite my froggy throat... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2011 at Twyla Davis
Basic Grey Digital line is terrific when you want to do a quick layout. I use a lot of photo books they're great for my projects. I line them all up in photoshop and upload the completed page. Gotta love it. Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2011 at Twyla Davis
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Oct 10, 2011
This month we bring out a delightfully spooky selection of Prima products including our fabulous Trick or Treat bat vines! via I love the bats, don't you? Continue reading
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September was a complete melt down as far as the blog is concerned. There was some good in the month, some bad, and a lot of angst. Creativity was at an all time low (due to the angst), but October is looking better. I got up this morning and discovered... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2011 at Twyla Davis
When traveling overseas, I love to visit grocery stores. Yeah, it's weird. But, I love looking at the different products, how they are packaged, what they serve and the quantities that its served in. It points out SO many differences in culture and taste. I recently watched an internet video... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2011 at Twyla Davis
A few weeks ago, I visited the largest Bass Pro shop in the U.S. (It's in Springfield MO) While there, this displayed just begged to be photographed. It's an image that disturbs me, challenges me in many ways. If I'd staged it, I'd call it art. Does it strike you... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2011 at Twyla Davis