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The thing that struck me was her insistence that we had to use "our science" to figure it out. Science is a wonderful collection of disciplines. I see to drive using my glasses and of course I'm driving a car. I use a computer. I do social work and I go to a doctor to get help with blood pressure. Which of these is this guy I'm hearing about called "Science?" I mean to say isn't science just a word for what we as a people do? Not knocking science ;-) just saying that some people use the word "science" as if it's a single "being" and I think they misuse it. Similar to the way bible thumpers use the scripture. But, I digress. What if instead of using her "science" to figure it out she tried to go "inside herself" and try to figure it out. We should use all of our tools and one of our tools is our own sense of being and life experience. The thing is right now we are stuck as a society. We look for the answers in the brain. That's fine, nothing wrong with that so far. But, once something transends or even points to the possiblity of non local why can't we study that? What would be wrong with testing remote viewers and testing mediums? Oh, I forgot. That's just woo woo and charlatan territory. But, what if one simply meditates for oneself or prays or just thinks without asking Pat Robertson or Richard Dawkins for permission?
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This reminds me of a movie I found not too long ago on netflix. Of course now I can't recall the name of it but it was foreign film if I remember correctly. Anyway, souls would be found out in the darkness and the people from the afterlife would go out and find them and bring them into a hospital to heal. There were some demon like creatures that they were racing against to get to the people. Two scenes that I do remember were: 1: A world war was starting and the mood was sad because the people in the afterlife knew a multitude of wounded souls were about to arrive. 2. A few people were about to reincarnate and one of them (they were like a soul family) Spiritual not Jackson Five :-) Anyway, one of them was going to be the mother "this time to her family member. They were part of the same group but not all of them were going to the same place this time if I remember correctly.
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I certainly understand. I notice that I don't really get as into debate and endless arguments these days. It takes a lot of energy and there are very few books or videos that I get into these days. I have had my own experiences in my 56 going on 57 years on the earth. I "lean" toward reincarnation but not in the Hindu,Buddhist or new age sense. I've come to think of reincarnation the way I think of evolution or gravity. But, that's just me so who knows. The other day I posted something on a facebook page about how I "hope" we are more than brain farts. Sure enough the first response to it was an invitation to argue. I didn't have the energy or the inclination to get into "gotcha" arguments at the time. Anyway, what I said was a personal feeling and really didn't require an argument one way or the other. It's like saying i like strawberry ice cream. You might or might not but it's not an argument. Anyway, the facebook page sounds interesting. I find myself reading more political and rock and other music biographies these days and i mix a little fiction in. I will always be interested in the subject of life after death. But, the endless back and forth and same ole same ole arguments do drain ya at times. I will say however, that I have a real affection for his blog. ;-) I'll keep checking in until you pull the plug and I'll also keep an eye open over at facebook if you do decide to start a paranormal page over there. I'm currently finishing up another (and final) trip with the gunslingers headed to the Dark Tower. Then I'm going to go over to Amazon and download Chasing Omega. Other than that I'm listening to "Duty" the Robert Gates bio and then starting "Last Train to Memphis" both on audible. Also, it's getting to baseball season "Go Braves" :-) Peace. Steve
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