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Using leadership is illuminating, but I believe this post is a rough sketch of the coming paradigm "inflection point." A depiction of the stark alteration of leadership behavior as will be required, at the precise moment when the present order -ends- and the what has strained to replace the present, alternative order -begins-. For me, the fail has come into direct view now. The alternative is also coming into focus. The current turmoil is forcing a potential critical mass to arrived with you John. And, I really, really like the rough sketch your making and only hope that the full paradigm canvas, once fully fleshed out, holds true to your envisioned form. Excellent post!
The important distinctions and significant gravity of - capability - (as described here), is vitally important for knowledge workers to understand, pursue and leverage. One's capability is one's value to one's work.
Regarding the previous comment: TYPO - SHOULD READ: most value creating -competencies- for the employer. RATHER THEN ; most value creating -companies- for the employer. Thank You!
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I agree with the sentiment of this post entirely. As industrial age thinking employers increase pressure on all their employees to contribute more, employees have just "put their heads down" and let their "jobs" consume themselves. In my experience of working with knowledge workers, I've found this is especially true of those unbound to well-managed production processes, highly susceptible to change, and increasingly displaceable by advances in technology. And I've come to strongly believe that 100% dedication solely to the bounded fulfillment of one's job is a systemic problem for both employee and employer. However, I'm not crazy about the notion of simply constructing a rule-of-thumb ratio of professional development pursuits as prescribed here. Instead, I advocate that knowledge workers take on their futures more systemically, as a "value providers." Essentially, the employee-to-employer relationship is an assumed and too narrowly defined value transaction that can/should be opened up to new thinking by both employee and employer, but especially too narrow for the knowledge worker employee under the pressures mentioned above. If knowledge workers can realize that what they really do is to provide value to their stakeholder's outcomes from their informational-based work, skills, and insights, then they can optimize their competency development based on the value they intend to create, from outcomes they intend to make, for the stakeholders they intend to serve (including, but not necessarily limited to their current employer, boss, team, and peers). Using this more systemic mindset, the "job" no longer constrains the true nature of what the knowledge workers contributions could/should be, or what they might be, within a wider scope that just the current employer or conversely narrowing upon the most value creating companies for the employer. Using this lens, the knowledge workers professional development is more grounded in their own stakeholder's outcomes directed value intentions and personally developed strengths rather than leaving a certain percentage to be bound by the narrower employee-employer job description transaction mindset that remains unchanged. I just prefer this way of thinking. Does this value-based thinking make sense for you, or is that line of thinking just too impractical and you simply prefer pursuing a prescribed ratio of competency development? What say you?
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Thank you for this post. Your awareness of how it 'feels' to lose alignment with outwardly serving readers and inwardly finding reflection as a thinker and as a blogger is just the message I needed. You see, I am relaunching my own blog for the third time. And this time, I have been committed to building a commercial success as my priority over creating the means for my personal reflection and growth as I had in the earlier endeavors. But I'm having problems finding my voice and find myself procrastinating rather than writing. I hear your declaration and find my own mission alignment in it. And I trust those readers I do end up serving now will appreciate the difference our feelings have for us. ~ a fully committed reader of yours
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