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Tyler Mason
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OK. This has to be a problem with the app and not my settings. I am sure becase when I fast forward or rewind the video looks correct. However, when I press play it plays too dark. Pictures: sorry they're so big! pic 1: Look at the car. Its a BMW: While playing: It is not as noticable in daylight scenes, but night or space -yuk! Anyone fix this or check and found you too have the problem? FYI my PS3 is directly connected to my TV- and I've tried 2 others with the same issue.
@ed @Tim I also have the same problem where the video is too dark (Even If I blast the brightness up on the display device). Shows like BSG are unwatchable. I've tried an inFocus projector and a Panasonic Plasma. I took pictures of the same scene on the XBOX360 (looking great) and the PS3 looking like TOTAL CRAP with my digital camera just to make sure I wasn't crazy (I'll post em online and provide a link later for all to see). Dvd & BluRay looks fine. Also my quality is always HIGH/HD or X-HIGH/HD
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Nov 4, 2010