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Like all businesses Netflix needs to keep their options open. We have no idea how much ISP's will be charging for bandwidth. How much are we willing to pay our ISP per movie streamed? ISP's could also simply block, blacklist, or throttle whoever they want. Netflix would be forced to 'pay to play' with every ISP.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Should Netflix Buy Redbox? at Hacking NetFlix
Consider the source. It's Time magazine. It is written by Richard Corliss. Richard Corliss is the same Time hack who's mind brought us this bit of logic to Michael Jackson sex crime allegations: "When he welcomed handicapped kids to the ranch, he felt he was their equal, and they were friends he could play with, or sing to — or, he must have thought, love, in the purest sense of the word. The litany of alleged misbehavior in the 2005 trial — making prank phone calls, sneaking drinks, scanning porn sites, even a lesson in masturbation — is not unfamiliar among preteens. If Jackson committed these acts, it was not predator-to-prey but peer-to-peer." 65 year old Richard Corliss needs to remind himself that until recently Time-Warner and Time Warner Cable were the same company. That company offered a service called Video On Demand. A bit of technology that allows people to instantly watch an available new release their own home. A service that competes with Netflix and it's Watch Instantly feature. Maybe Time should mention the fact they are bashing a competitor. Once again the paleo-print media cries and takes aim at the interwebs only to have tears and false memories blur its vision. Even with lack of objectivity and vision it pulls the trigger and ends up shooting itself in the foot by alienating any possibility of attracting new advertisers or paying customers.