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Here in SF I opted out from the telco-cableco duopoly, and I get 45Mbps symmetrical service from an outfit called Web-Pass, for $45/month. They use the Cat3 wiring inside my apartment building to deliver 100Base-T Ethernet, with a microwave beacon on the roof for backhaul. In some other locations, they offer the full 100Mbps. I'd much rather have the enhanced uploads, as I run my own servers at home and do offsite backups over the network.
I fail to see how virtualized SIMs fundamentally change the equation. Users already can and do swap SIMs. This just makes it easier for Apple to provision phones without having to physically swap SIMs. Operators get their market power through things like SIM-lock and plain old oligopoly in the US, and a cartel-like refusal to offer data services on a prepaid basis. That's not likely to change soon.
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Another factor to consider is that "open access" to public information does not necessarily mean it is equally open to all social groups as a practical matter, and in fact acts to the detriment of the poor:
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Oct 22, 2010