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Robert Scoble: Was this sarcasm or serious? > I work for hours at a time on my iPad. > Even when I have a laptop sitting right next to it. > The iPad is far superior for many tasks (like: > interacting with books not work > media not work > typing short emails not work > and Facebook statuses, not work At least for most people who use computers for work.
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Um, hmmm. It's more than that. There are 2 bits. bit 0: is the math library column major or row major. The issue only comes up in multiplication generally in that you want to know is it A * B or B * A that gives you the correct answer bit 1: What order are your values stored. In other words, does translation go in 12,13,14 or 3,7,11 Those are separate issues as regardless of how you store them the correct way the are multiplied might be different. And then..... At least when it comes to shaders, OpenGL and DirectX are the same at this point because YOU WRITE ALL THE MATH. I haven't had to change any of my math libraries in OpenGL vs DirectX, I only had to change my shaders from clipPosition = position * worldViewMatrix to clipPosition = worldViewMatrix * position;
On the "say x positives before 1 negative" you might want or read "The Man Who Lied To His Laptop" by Clifford Nass. Basically they figured out that people react the same to computers as they do other people. That let them actually test all kinds of stuff about Human Relationships no one had been able to test before. He covers sandwiching negative feedback with positive. Apparently that's the worst thing you can do.
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Nov 8, 2010