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Kris, I appreciate that you can take two of your favorite things (BBall and HR) and put them together as a business tactic. I am a gritty sophomore looking for a few more minutes by practicing hard. Patrick
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That was one of your best posts ever. The look on Bill Gates face is priceless. Forced Fun is never Fun, but it always looks and feels forced. Patrick
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That is certainly one way to look at that metric, however what about those leaders that are grooming their direct reports for others. I can think of more great bosses that I have had that would be on the minus side of that metric because they were losing people to their peers that were not hiring, developing, retaining great people etc. Like many things, this metric should not be looked at in a vacuum. Thanks for your thoughtful posts.
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Well as luck would have it, I am in the restaurant business and delivering a training class next week. I believe that this situation will make an excellent case study. Thanks for sharing.
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Oct 16, 2013