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I had the same issue as Rob in that RMAN merged into backups in Z destination instead of X destination. My workaround was NOT to catalog Z backups as they are needed only in case of recovery, not during backup. My other issue was about retention policy. My company policy is to keep backups for 14 days. RMAN policy other than 'redundancy 1' RMAN keeps all the backups since database creation with merged incremental backup. To resolve it I had to put "until time 'sysdate -x'" for 'recover copy' command so that RMAN marks backups older than 14 days as obsolete. This makes the whole fastcopy story unnecessary in my opinion.
Thanks for useful information. I have a question. We have set up "two" NFS mount points off basically one identical dd storage to have more visibility. One, /proj/fra, is for Oracle FRA which is fastcopy source and the other, /proj/fradumps/, is for fastcopy destination. Oracle sends backups to FRA subdirectories which are /proj/fra/databasename/backupset/DATE, datafile, and etc. Basically I intend to dump daily backups from there to /proj/framdumps/database/backupset/DATE. By the way I figured that fastcopy command requires dd relative path instead of OS path for source and destination. What whould be the source & destination path for fastcopy command in my case?
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Feb 9, 2011