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yup, I don't know why people think they can keep a social network that was not that great to begin with...alive! Good luck getting all those people back on it. I think people are tired of the spam thru all these social networks. Facebook has already seen it's glory days.
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I dont know, I stopped using it years ago. The pages took too long to load, people spam the hell outta you, Facebook has become the same. Tons of friends who I dont know, dont want to know. People spammed me w/mafia wars, virtual gifts, stupid stuff etc. I doubt they'll ever get it to where they want it again. I think they had a good run & should just let it go!
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I think it's the only way to go! Otherwise, you end up having to listen to Corporate Lackeys who tell you what you can & can't do. Sometimes that eliminates the best parts of the show.
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I know that for me, I personally enjoy twitter way more than facebook. Maybe that's because I don't interact enough on FB and have boring friends, or not enough...but Twitter is quicker, easier, & you don't have to stare @ people's useless 'I just ate 3 cupcakes!' status updates. Mobile will continue to dominate as we are ever changing, and on the go! Look forward to the new Twitter!
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NIce! The future is really about automation, and computers predicting what we'll like and want. People freak out about Google but it only makes sense they show me ads based on my searches.
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Dec 9, 2011