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I too am one of those High Altitude People. I live in Utah at 4,500 ft and regularly tow a boat, atv's, and snowmobiles up to over 8,000 ft. I have been looking forward to a factory-built, force-fed engine for the F150. I was just about to pull he trigger on a 2011 SuperDuty 6.7L Diesel but couldn't justify the cost as I simply do not tow anything that would require the SD. I don't think we'll see a Diesel in the F150 anytime soon. With the excessively strict EPA regulations on new Diesel engines in the form of EGR, DPF, and SCR, most of the 20-30% economy advantage of Diesel is being eroded (not to mention the cost of a Diesel engine, Diesel Fuel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid). I have no concerns over the durability of the EcoBoost in the F150. Ford, under Mullaly, has made epic advances in quality and durability testing of their new vehicles, engines, and transmissions. If I can realize 15mpg in town and 20+mpg on the highway, with these power numbers, I'll be very happy. Now, put this in the Raptor SuperCrew, paint it Orange and I'll order one today!!!
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Sep 21, 2010