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Eva Ucgatwork
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Hi Grace, As you know I was in Scotland- I made a Scottish (flowers) print for you and added a real nice piece of eco-printed silk and send it to you. It did never arrive, didn't it? I'm so sad about the loss of that letter sent from England on 19th August. But I've learned: from now I always send "special delivery"...maybe "they" lose letters on purpose to encourage People to pay an extra buck! eva
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Hi Grace, it has been written by all of your faithful Readers and friends: that woman's face is beautiful. I love the woman Standing in front of the woven pieces. Great expression! Actually I wonder how your shop "works" - you are not connected to one of those selling platforms...via PayPal invoice?
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okay, Walking down memory lane...1969 in Germany .my first party, but I am only allowed to stay 'til 10pm. I am 16 years old. I remember: the music! The members saying "a girl doesn't need to go to university."But all the girls in my class were determined to go!...I remember hearing/reading about Gloria Steinem burning bras ...WOW! I loved it! Never liked them anyway! "If you're going to San Francisco wear..." we never thought that we could make it to a magical place as far away as SF...London was as far away as the moon. Jude, I like that picture of yours! Oh, to be young again... eva
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Good morning Grace, Love the start of this cloth, Grace. I always admire your good sense of color combination.I just had a close look at the little goat - you're really, really good in adding an animal or a human figure to your "stories on cloth".I tried to do that, but it never looked so effortless and natural as in your pieces. Have a wonderful day, eva
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