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With such a powerful word as "Follower" what do you expect? Human beings are blissfilly simple creatures, the prevailing reasoning is, "the more followers I have, the more important I am". One of the first things anyone (including you, ..yes you!) does when viewing someones profile one Twitter is checking out the number of followers the person has in order to size them up since there's little else to go by, its sad but very true. What amazes me the most is that we chase after followers without considering what quality of content we're going to feed them when we have them. Personally, I think the feed I get (people I follow) carries a little more weight than the feed I deliver (people that follow me). Though I'm quite mindful of the the quality of content I put out there, I find myself slightly more focused on (and constantly tweaking) the streams I receive. For most, Twitter is a soapbox, for a few it's an info service.
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Jan 10, 2010