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Scott, I love the fact you've always got your eye on macro trends like this. But sometimes I wonder if we're all still too deep in the weeds. The term disruptive marketing/advertising should signal to us from the get-go that we should pursue another avenue. Maybe we just don't understand how deep an impact technology has made on us. For better or worse, marketers -through technology- have inserted themselves right into people's lives. That being said, how do we feel when some stranger on the street [disrupts our daily routine] tries to sell us some crap from a cart? I feel the same way when Chevy, Yoplait or Ameritrade try to sell me crap from their carts. It's rarely relevant to me, but still disrupts me. That cannot be good brand experience? Can it? I see brands as entities like people. There are qualities we like about people (friendly, good-looking, trustworthy) just like brands. So maybe brands should behave like [respectful] people when they've taken the lberty of inserting themselves into our lives. In my opinion, here's the secret for brands being (and staying) part of people's lives : start exercising some common respect for us and our time. Just as it's incredibly rude to tap someone on the shoulder to try and sell them something as they use a public restroom, it's equally disrepectful to put up urinal advertisements. ;-) The basic rule that direct marketers have known for years: Don't interrupt people unless you really feel your offer would interest them. EVERYONE probably isn't interested in your offer - so quantity does not equal quality - In fact, that approach may likely lead to an erosion or cheapening of your brand that you don't even see until it's too late. I love the way social media is evolving. The fact that small (but growing) communities of people are connecting online in meaningful ways, but are resistant to traditional advertising tactics tells me that it has, in fact, gone mainstream. So while marketers who want to be part of the social media world have to have the technical chops to do it, they'd be well-advised to learn from the offline world. That's just my 2 centavos.