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correction...2.9M km^2. I'm well into wine o'clock here.
2.9 km^2 Eyecrometer on trend. I don't know enough about the cryosphere to make a truly educated guess.
Hi Trevor, an excellent assessment of the state of play. I'd be keen to read your thoughts on the disconnect between understanding climate change within the electorate and the current polling which has a party full of deniers way out in front? is now following Neven
Aug 28, 2012
NeilT, I saw your comment and reproduced it on my blog. I've also written a follow up since it disappeared about WUWT and censorship. The denial over there is astounding and you are right, they grab whatever is expedeient to their loopy position regardless of whether it contradicts previous positions. It was the storm, the ice is growing, the Arctic has been icefree before, and now they are pushing the really crazy ice as an insulator keeping the warmth in the ocean so when it is gone all the warmth will be able to escape into space plunging us into an ice age. wtf? denial is a mental disorder. is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 28, 2012