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UK Rehab
Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 4PJ
UK Rehab is a charity that helps those suffering with addiction to find the right addiction treatment through an independent rehab information service. What you can expect from UK Rehab A service centered on the patient’s recovery needs Advice is given based on treatment needs, with careful consideration of the financial implications. UK Rehab give professional advice at no cost whatsoever, and treat every case with complete confidentiality The rehabilitation experts treat patients holistically and arm patients with the tools for a life free from addiction The rehabilitation treatment process does not stop at recovery: patients are equipped to live a life free from addiction   The treatment blueprint for UK Rehab The first step for alcohol and drug addiction patients is to facilitate detoxification, under the watchful eye of the rehab experts. This ensures that the difficult withdrawal phase is managed with expert medical and therapeutic care, while ridding the patient’s system of the addiction substance. The rehab experts then hold counselling sessions with patients to discover and address every factor that may have led to the substance abuse behaviour. If the root causes are not addressed, the patient will often relapse. UK Rehab understand this, and that’s why they will not refer patients to treatments that rely only on correction and inspiration. With this approach, the risks of psychological withdrawal and addiction cycles are greatly reduced, because the client has increased self-understanding, as well as the psychological and behavioural tools to live a healthy life. The people Rehab UK work with With patient wellbeing, Rehab UK leave nothing to chance; they only endorse scientifically backed strategies; methods that have been proven to work. Every rehab centre in the Rehab UK network is staffed by counsellors, medical specialists, rehab therapists and addiction specialists who use medicine and psycho-therapeutic methods to achieve lasting addiction recovery. The network includes private and luxury rehab centres in the UK and worldwide. Depending on the treatment needs of the patient, UK rehab can also refer patients to NHS rehab programmes. Rehab UK also network with the NHS, but will only refer a client to their rehab programmes after making sure the patient’s treatment needs will be met in a timely fashion.
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Aug 15, 2016