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Dr. Uma Gupta
New York
Do Good. Be Happy. Rest is fluff.
Interests: reading, writing, traveling, helping international students.
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Many international students study pharmacy in the US. It is a popular degree, but it is also a program with high admission standards. Pharmacy programs require international students to take the GRE and to do well in the GRE. The subjects covered in a pharmacy program include some of the following: Pharmaceutics; Pathophysiology; physiology; biochemistry;microbiology,chemistry, public health, dietetics, molecular biology; bio statistics pharmacy ethics; health care; immunology and other related areas. if you have a background in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, and related disciplines, you can apply to the Pharmacy program. Uma Gupta is the CEO and Founder of, an international student recruitment company. Continue reading
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Don't become a victim of some of the myths about applying for F1 visa Continue reading
Selecting universities is complex, time-consuming, and tiring. The mistake that most students and families make is that they treat college selection as an intellectual decision. It is. But it is also a highly emotional decision. Continue reading
Selecting universities is complex, time-consuming, and tiring. The mistake that most students and families make is that they treat college selection as an intellectual decision. It is. But it is also a highly emotional decision. If you apply a set of criteria, you will arrive at a long list of universities, all of which meet your criteria. But some universities inherently will have greater appeal to you. It will feel right to you. And like all decisions of the heart, you may second guess yourself and worry about your decision. This is natural. Be confident that the dust will settle. The anxiety will go away. You will make the right decision if you listen to your head and to your heart. Continue reading
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.
Many colleges and universities in the US that offer graduae programs also offer scholarships to good students. Scholarships and financial aid help students from all over the world earn a great education in the US. In order to get a scholarship, you must apply early and your application must be complete. While many students want to know if they will get a scholarship even before they apply, most universities will not guarantee a scholarship till the student applies to the university. Here is one resource that offers some information on graduate scholarships Continue reading
Students have plenty of choices in terms of what they want to study. The other good thing about US graduate programs is that some amount of funding or scholarships are usually available to good students. Continue reading
Pravin, pharmacy is a highly competitive program. The first step is to take the GRE and TOEFL and score well on it. This will determine "fit" of schools for you. Best wishes!
What is a US public university? It is a university that is funded or supported by the state government through tax-payers. Public universities are often governed by state appointed agencies and Boards. Often (not always) they tend to be less expensive than private universities. Ten Largest Public Universities in the US University Location Enrollment Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona 58,371 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida 56,235 Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 56,064 University of Minnesota Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota 51,721 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 51,195 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida 49,827 Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 49,129 University of South Florida Tampa, Florida 47,576 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan 47,131 Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania 44,832 This post was written by Dr. Uma G. Gupta, President & CEO, Continue reading
Image by shawncalhoun via Flickr International students who want to study in the US - note, not all US universities are the same. Simply because you have "heard" about a university doesn't mean it is good. Simply because your neighbor or friend attended that university doesnt make it good. At the very least, you should check to see if the university you are considering is accredited. See link: Why does accreditation matter? Think about it like a car or a house. You want someone to inspect the car or house and tell you that it meets basic standards of quality. That's exactly what accreditation means for universities! There are other considerations as well - but start with asking if your university is accredited. Continue reading
Image via Wikipedia State Number of Colleges Alabama 65 Alaska 7 Arizona 74 Arkansas 50 California 366 Colorado 71 Connecticut 50 Delaware 16 District of Columbia 17 Florida 163 Georgia 133 Hawaii 18 Idaho 17 Illinois 173 Indiana 90 Iowa 57 Kansas 59 Kentucky 65 Louisiana 78 Maine 33 Maryland 68 Massachusetts 131 Michigan 93 Minnesota 99 Mississippi 39 Missouri 116 Montana 23 Nebraska 40 Nevada 30 New Hampshire 27 New Jersey 77 New Mexico 40 New York 286 North Carolina 134 North Dakota 20 Ohio 178 Oklahoma 53 Oregon 64 Pennsylvania 192 Puerto Rico 1 Rhode Island 15 South Carolina 72 South Dakota 22 Tennessee 97 Texas 212 Utah 42 Vermont 24 Virginia 103 Washington 77 West Virginia 41 Wisconsin 73 Wyoming 10 4101 Continue reading
How can I gain admission to a good pharmacy program in the US? Continue reading
Image by Vainsang via Flickr Top US universities prepare graduates from day one to help them find a great job upon graduation. The truth is it is up to you to prepare yourself to land that great job! Be proactive; get to know your faculty; develop your communication skills; make friends with people from other parts of the world; volunteer; and, do well in your courses. The video below shows students attending a career fair at University of California, Davis. Continue reading
Take your GRE/GMAT as soon as you can, if you are planning to apply for Fall 2011. The longer you wait, the fewer universities will have open deadlines. Also, visa interview dates may not be available. Studying abroad requires a lot of planning and planning ahead! Dr. Gupta is CEO of PlanetGPA, a company that helps US universities and students find each other! Continue reading
Dear Dr.Umagupta greetings for a wonderful New year 2011 it with great gratitude i am writing, it is nice of you to serve the indian students, for their higher studies at USA, My daughter is doing her second year , B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy in chennai, tamil nadu, india, Sri Ramachandra University a deemed university, which has alliance with Harvard medical international she has 2.5 years to finish her course,she is a gold medalist, till now , i shall be greatful if you can guide me, regarding which are the best universities in usa, for her MPT,OR DPT and what are the entrance exam she has to write for her post graduate at usa please guide me thanking you easwaran india Dear Mr. Easwaran, As a parent myself, I understand your anxiety and eagerness to find the right US university for your daughter. She seems like an exceptionally bright... Continue reading
The PhD is a terminal degree. This means it is the highest degree that one can earn in a given field. Phd degrees from the US are highly sought after by international students all over the world. US institutions are therefore very selective in their selection process. The path to a PhD is usually Bachelors-Masters-PhD. Some universities will allow you to combine a Masters and PhD. In other words, you will be admitted into a Master's program and into a doctoral program.This is not that common, but such programs are available. PhD is not for the faint-hearted. It takes 4 to 5 years simultaneously to earn a PhD. It is hard work. It requires a love and passion for research. It requires dedicating ones life to the pursuit of knowledge in a given field. If this is you, then step forward. The US offers PhD in every imaginable discipline and... Continue reading
The clock is ticking! If you plan to attend a US university in August 2011,from now on every day counts. Here are a few simple things to do: 1. Practice GRE; practice GMAT; practice TOEFL; or practice IELTS - regardless of what test you plan to take, practice is key. 2. Short-list your universities carefully. Research each university thoroughly. This is the most important decision you will make with regard to your education. Don't blindly follow someones advice. Do your homework. 3. Write a good essay. Be prepared for at least 7 to 8 iterations. US universities give great deal of importance to good essays! Dr.Uma G. Gupta is CEO of PlanetGPA, a US firm that matches students with US universities. She can be reached at Continue reading
Biomedical engineering in the USA are world famous. These universities offer outstanding programs, excellent internships, and leading-edge labs. While the field of biomedical engineering itself is undergoing rapid advances, biomedical engineering schools focus on offering the best possible education that prepares students for global careers in biomedical engineering. Continue reading
Here is a great resource that can help you with many GMAT questions, practice GMAT links and a service that connects students with the best universities in the USA . Continue reading