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Max Pearl
Interests: Critiquing and Exonerating Artists <br> Getting Stupid Hyphy,<br> Dancing to Hip-Hop of all sorts,<br> Dancing to Electronica of all sorts,<br> Drone,<br> Power Electronix,<br> Noise-Rock,<br> Glitch Noise,<br> Improv.,<br> Free-Jazz,<br> Todd P/Showpaper,<br> Cultural Experiences,<br> Brooklyn,<br> BOSTON,<br> Traveling by myself,<br> Taking full advantage of urban metro systems,<br> Emma D.
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I know, SERYUSLY, the shit is bomb. She's performing at the Enormous Room in Central Square (21+ but there's no bouncer so if you blend in they won't ask you to leave) on February 2nd... here's the write-up. "Feb 2nd Murdah Bunny - Boston's one & only murdah bunny; aka dj bounce alot; breakbeat chillcore massif! up up! in the house, from the club, to the loft norajean's been makin a scene since she was 19. Two years ago she traded a track for ableton, hasn't stopped mixing since. don't miss this ish;- up in the streets they call it ableton braindance for glitchloft listening or ragga jungle bass bounce twitchie dub glitch hop breakbeat chillcore..."
P.S. My blog is @
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My blog was recently featured in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Boston Globe, as well as in myspace news... Apparently there's no one else out there trying to mend the lackluster condition of Boston's youth-friendly nightlife. Maybe you'd like to do a feature as well. The links to both the globe and myspace news articles are in my most recent post. Hope you like. -Max
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