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Great safety instructions, especially around biking. I am amazed by how many people who don't follow the guidelines for biking on the right side of the road and who don't follow basic traffic guidelines. A couple of months ago, I was just two feet away from hitting someone who steered their bike across the traffic lanes in the dark in the middle of a three-lane road. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. Just glad no one was behind me at the time.
Great list again. I'll have to check out your movie post!
Interesting information. I just wished they more thoroughly tracked what type of diet drinks these participants were consuming. I like water but I also like to drink flavored waters. A Boomer wants to know!
Overspending on things that need dusting used to be a big problem of mind. Now I think about the amount of housework is involved in a purchase and make my decision from there.
That's a wonderful gift that your daughter sent you. Seeing the birdbath reminded me of my grandmother and my Aunt. Thanks for sharing your memories.
This looks great. Thanks for sharing.
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May 14, 2018