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I believe many people who come to this board are really undeducated and stupid such as Ma mary, Rexxon and others. In a situation of crisis, instead of associating with other ethnic group to fight the king of cameroon, rather they planning on separating from the nation. i have so much experience being raised in cameroon, nigeria and studying and living in the UK and US for decades. The main problem in Africa is lack of education. Only uneducated fools will make this type of comments. i from Limbe and i think only a dumb black man will about secession. First: there was never a such thing as southern cameroon. Kamerun was a German colony which was partitioned after WWI between France and England. Second: if yall studied africa history, we all originate from the bantou people that an oldest tribe in africa. thus Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, we are all the same just divided by europeans as countries. Third: the greatest strength on this earth is unity. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and many had to unite to fight Germany, and thereafter they still had to unite to defeat the Soviets. Why can't the black man unite in life. Africans lost so much during colonisation and it will be time to understand the enemy greatest strength: DIVIDE TO CONQUER. Fourth: Look at this: No Europeans nation had sent troops to stop the Rwanda genocide, to stop the kenya bloodshed and they will not help and fellow cameroonian get rid of Biya nor help southern cameroon. Ma Mary and Rexon, African kids are so stupid and wicked because of parents like you who preach hate and separation rather than love and unity against our common ennemy. In the US, we blacks are far behind. Hispanics are the largest minority now and they are more united than blacks. Europeans: do the same. but blacks especially Africans are still divided over tribes. Biya must leave, and the only way we gonna make this happen right away will be by unity from all tribes. However, the new generation shall lead africa and cameroon out of poverty. we shall work not for money but for the prosperity of this country and our future generation. Rexon and Ma mary, yall have no place in the future of this country. unity will prevail and hatred and tribalism will be over.
My comments go Ma Mary and Rexon, First it's a shame when i come here and hear the type of comments you guys are saying. it's evil and wicked not to mourn with the whole nation the death of our beloved father, brother who died for our freedom. Second, i am from Limbe and i don't call myself a southern cameroonian but a cameroonian. we shall all join other ethnic groups to free our nation from those monster in Yaounde and free our people from the mighty french government. the only way we shall stay strong is by unity. i lived abroad for a decade and i know and understand the black man struglle on this earth. From cameroon to nigeria, ghana, congo, we are all same people divided by europeans during imperialism. Southern Cameroon shall not and will never seceded from cameroon. This will be a foolish and stupid mistake. The only benificiary of this action will be white people. We should fight peacefully to overthrow Biya and form a strong united country where tribalism is banish and inequality punish. Ma Mary and Rexon, i believed you are not enough educated to see the future of Cameroon and africa. Cameroon shall not follow the footstep of Kenya or Ivory Coast. The white man greatest strenght is divide to conquer. we need to join hands with bamileke, douala, bassa, pigmy, haoussa and build a strong cameroon, develop our country and deminish foreign authority in our beloved land. Let god bless and give strenght to all those young soldiers to continue fighting. This is our only opportunity to unite this country against the french government and the show an example in africa.