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We're offered so much about all the happenings around the world; mostly problems, disasters, and potential horrors. But for what? If it is something I can help to deal with, in whatever small way I can, it helps to be aware. But with major news stories, this is rarely the case for any of us. Even when it is, there are probably less harrowing or sensationalised ways to get hold of the details. As you say, sometimes the news slips in. And that's why your take home message is so important. Thank you. May your shadowy corners contain nothing more than shadows. Even better, I hope the light pours in to give you even more room for joy.
I'm enjoying the ride as institutions (and independents) experiment. Not knowing how things will play out, now is a good time to see what happens and get involved whenever an interesting course comes along. As you say, along with the excitement has come high expectations. But of what and why? Is the anger down to fear that MOOCs aren't the all-embracing game-changer they're so often hyped up to be? Is it because the term 'MOOC' is a catch-all that covers too much ground? Whatever the case, I've been checking out a number of courses in the background and I've signed up for the MIT Learning Creative Learning course, as @Amcunningham mentions. Whatever the platform and whether or not the course is labelled as a MOOC, I feel this is a time for exploration. The calls go up to embrace failure and uncertainty, but when either (or both) occur, that advice is too quickly forgotten.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on The MOOCs that ate themselves at The Ed Techie
The following article makes some interesting points regarding current trends in innovation: The piece suggests risk aversion, short termism, and IPR/patent blockages in OECD countries as major factors disrupting innovation.
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May 31, 2010