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Old "guilty as sin, free as a bird" Ayers's attitude has shifted from "Kill the pig!" to "Help! Police!" As a connoisseur of irony, I'm glad I lived to see this. I expect much more fun in the next 4 to 8 years.
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Too bad he didn't learn in his 41 years of noble service in the military that he shouldn't shoot off his mouth to the press about internal strategy controversies DURING A *&%$*! WAR.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2008 on ADM Fallon at BlackFive
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Relish the last two sentences of his post, these just put the tin hat on whole thing: "When you’ve got nothing to lose, I told my security officer, you do what it takes. He nodded in agreement." Did Bobby then pull the brim of his fedora lower over his eyes, cinch the belt on his trenchcoat, and walk out alone into the night?
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