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Hey Chris, I like these show me questions a whole lot. In our ministry teams we will once in a while dwell with this verse. This past year the focus of the children, youth, and family ministry has been on Jesus direction "Go". For us "going" in the past 14 months has taken us two blocks down the street to meet 120 kids at school on Wednesday afternoon and bring them here for a fun time we call Chaos. It's definitely not all nations yet-it might never be-but its a step further into the world than we were making in the fall of 2011. I know of a few baptisms related to Chaos so far and a few families who are coming Sundays who didn't before. I prayer those are first fruits--but I hope the payoff will come in the long run as kids grow up looking forward to being here learning about God's love. I don't believe we've stolen any sheep from other congregations through Chaos--but we do have an open door at Grace to all the kids in Fairmont on Wednesday afternoons. Peace to you, John
Hey Chris John Heille here. A couple thoughts. 1 I agree that many mission statements are disconnected from the day to day life of the congregation. I've seen some created as a reconcilliation exercise after a time of great congregational turmoil and conflict. I've seen others created as part of a visioning process met to give people a common goal. At best mission statements might fit for a moment in time--but I don't think they fit forever. 2) I do appreciate Lencioni's questions: they would no doubt be a great way for a council to start off the year together and they would definitely get the group who answered them together off to a great start. The hard part is translating that common starting point for everyone in the congregation. 3) So I'd suggest a hybrid--look to scriptue and find a verse that everyone can latch onto in their ministry rather than just trying to formulate some perfect statement. Today I serve a congregation who's mission Statement is Matthew 28:19. I'd encourage congregations to pick a missional verse and work together towards that common point. peace to you now and always, John
Very good insight especially the connection back to John 1. The themes of light and truth really do fit powerfully into John when you see it this way. The Light is what we need--yet in our sin He's exactly what we flee. The Truth will set us free--but He will (often painfully) bring to light the fact that we need a savior to set us free. Pax, John
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Nov 19, 2012