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@Mike and @claire I couldn't agree with you more!!! So much so that I am producing exactly what you are looking for, and it opens this weekend. This Friday is the first preview of Better Left Unsaid, the first of it's kind interactive live streamed play. This is a play, full of established New York actors, performed in NY in front of a live audience - AND- filmed with multiple cameras and streamed LIVE- so that anyone, anywhere in the world can watch the show (and interact via facebook or twitter if you wish). (just FYI, one of the reasons shows are not broadcast is Actor's Equity doesn't allow it for reasons that are complicated and do make sense- or at least did. We are producing Better Left Unsaid on an AFTRA contract instead) We would be honored if you would virtually attend Better Left Unsaid. Let us know you are there and we will make sure to give a special shout out to you both! Tickets are on sale - and only $8 - via ovation tix on our website, I have worked in the theater for over 20 years, and in new media and live streaming for four, and I am so passionate and excited about the possibilities the web holds for artists and audiences alike. Its just a matter of time Claire and Mike, until audiences everywhere will be able to watch their favorite companies from anywhere in the world. The technology already exists...slowly the theater community will catch up! all my best! Kathryn Velvel Jones Founder, Producer
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Jan 15, 2011