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I'm definitely enjoying this week's posts. Regarding the first two, as a poet, editor, computer engineer and entrepreneur I've always been interested in the relationships between poet and career when the latter is non-obvious. I must add to that delightful catalogue Léopold Senghor, a great poet who also served as the first president of Senegal. That will take some beating, I think. Anyway John Foy has now turned to another topic of deep, and even primary fascination for me in poetry: the role of Eros. I've always felt that the greatest poetry should join with the ecstatic, summiting the religious or the sexual urge. As an agnostic, I plump for the later. It's brilliant that this article pulls in my favorite writer on poetry, bar none: Robert Graves. I'm devoted to his lunatic ideas, even as I disbelieve half of them, but I do maintain that one of the areas where you can't fault the substance of his thinking is where Eros intersects Erato (and the other Muses.) --Uche Ogbuji, Editor at
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Jul 10, 2013