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Hahahaha!!! It all depends, I suppose. My budget could only stretch to hiring a tame racing driver for 2 hours. :)
Usually, I completely phail when it comes to buying The Man a gift he will actually treasure. Until last year, when I got him one of those vouchers for a Life Experience. You know, stick him in a really fast low, slinky race car with an actual racing driver. Except the one that I got him included actual lessons to drive the darn thing, have the laps recorded, and then he had two flying laps courtesy of the driver. He's still talking about it. Australia has, among others. I'm sure the States will have heaps more.
Oh gosh, I *LOOOOOOVE* your charts. They crack me up. They inspire to create, except I have all the Photoshop/InDesign skills of an accountant with no joy. I'm so glad you've decided to put them in the one place. You are in danger of becoming a muse.
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Feb 5, 2011