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Hello Bernd, Excellent recap and thoughts. thank you much! that's the first step (after archiving tweets anyway). A reflective blog post. I very much appreciate you adding that. it's the "pig pen" aura, eh? leaving crumbs, kicking up the dirt, creating ripples. The wiki... interesting idea. i'll see what our online wizards will make of that. the APF listserv is like an ongoing wiki, a conversation, that morphs, never ending. It's archived, linear style. Occasionally we capture it. but there's nothing like reflections, synthesizing. and then co-creating. Not sure where futrchat will go from here. We benefit from the immediacy, the one hour experience. To broaden and build on it, we need new spaces. Would you mind if I cross post this on APF's posterous blog, best, Cindy
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Aaron: thanks for making this point. I think the Midwestern cities need to pay attention; a reversal won't just happen. Attract innovation, which I believe means attract more immigrants and youth. Invest in incubating innovators. Improve education in innovative fields - both for higher ed and for trades. Each of us are on the frontline in terms of communication and connecting, telling stories. Social media gives us access to people that were previously unavailable. We need to use the megaphone and the network.
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Jun 9, 2010