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True, fibonacci growth can be modeled by an exponential function with 1.6 as the base. But if it is paired against a function with 2 as the base the curves still pull away from each other rapidly. Which was sort of the point. Think of Moore's Law where the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years.
>Is philosophy falling behind if there is great progress in 3D printing, but no developed, engaged, informed philosophy of 3D printing? We *should* be thinking about the consequences of 3D printing. What happens to manufacturing and jobs when we can 3D print whatever we need (or don't need)? What happens when everything becomes intellectual property plus whatever chemicals go into 3D printers? What are the consequences for food and nutrition? But the cases I was thinking of involved things like cloning, end/beginning of life questions made salient by technological developments, technologies that observe behavior and detect intent and mood and so forth.
For those who are interested, the original Arendt articles are available in the New Yorker archive. You can get there from here:
Marta, yes, the title is misleading. Moshe is the interviewer.