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Dear woman - whoever you are, wherever you are. Sant Mat is a very special and difficult way. It seems to be harmless or just odd nonsense but it´s much more than that. I understand your feelings and thoughts about Jesus Christ. But I also think that there is some kind of misunderstanding that led you to the conclusion you should leave Jesus Christ to follow Sant Mat. Jesus Christ is called a true, divine Godman from all Sant Mat masters. That means, he is of course still living and working in higher planes and praying to him, believing in him is as good as praying to any other non-living true Godman. It means you can find him as soon as you manage to leave the physical plane. Or it means you can use your love for him to leave the physical plane, too. This is 100% perfect for Sant Mat. And Sant Mat will lead you to the ability to speak to the true Jesus Christ and to unify with him. If this is your focus and wish, it will happen for granted. Even more, if you really love him you HAVE to keep him very tight in your heart because this will be a great help on the path of Sant Mat. Now there is a big problem with the Bible (as with all "holy" scriptures on earth). What problem is this ? Please answer a few questions for me: What do you think is the reason why we see hundreds of different Christian churches, movements whatever ? And why is it so difficult for them to cooperate, communicate, come together in peace and love as one ? Is it because most of them are too dumb for Christianity ? Or what is wrong in this situation ? You know the answer. You can quote and explain or interpretate as many Bible text as you want, it doesn´t change the fact that the Bible is much but not clear and understandable. Did you ever read the Bible sincerely, from the beginning on ? Just do it ! It will shock you deep to the ground of your heart. It will confuse you, make you sad, horrified, puzzled, angry, all of it and beyond. Another thing is, you criticize Rajinder Singh, which is absolutely okay, no matter what Guru this is about. Even more: Whe HAVE to examine the Masters as good as we can, since there are too many unholy Masters out there. And mercy for all those who have been initiated by a master which is sent from the negative power. Kal will destroy them for sure. This is too important not to be critical and sceptical as long as we are not really sure. You seem to forget that Sant Mat is not necessarily bounded to Rajinder Singh. This is not the case. There are many Sant Mat Gurus out there, no matter what plane they reached or not, your Sant Mat experience depends in a very very big way from the Master you have been initiated from. And we might agree that it is very probable that most of them are not true Masters of the 5th plane, do we ? Maybe you had no or as good as no inner experiences. But does it mean Sant Mat is wrong ? Maybe this has something to do with the Master who gave you initiation ? Or with the way you followed the path ? I took part in several initiations and many people had wonderful, remarkable experiences. I myself had nearly no experiences for more than a year and I had been really desperated about it. But then my efforts brought fruits. The point in here is that no initiate is allowed to talk about his or her inner experiences, which is a serious point. That makes the thing so difficult to gage. If you really love Jesus Christ I would urgently encourage you to search for a true living Godman since this is the only way to find him, the true Jesus Christ, really. You can do whatever you want, anything else will never lead you to him during lifetime. Please do not the mistake not to take this stuff so easy. You can not just leave Rajinder Singh as you want. You might not think of him anymore but the initiation is a fact your soul has been bounded, and if he is negative you will have to bear the consequences and there will be no mercy for you, no matter how strong your belief in Jesus Christ is. I am very sorry to say that and you will not want to believe me for sure, but I can´t help it. Well, there will be no recommendation of any Master here for a simple reason. It is not my duty to lead people to a Master, this is alone God´s duty. All I can say is: If you don´t believe in Rajinder Singh anymore, which seems to be the case, go on searching for the true Master that will guide you to true enlightenment. If your love for Jesus Christ is strong enough, HE will lead you to a true Master for sure. But your will has to be strong too. Have a nice time, all blessings for your wonderful soul...
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Jan 16, 2016