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Gotta love pre-roll videos
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2012 on When a Panenka goes horribly wrong at Soccer By Ives
I'd like him to stay in the college game and build talent for the MLS and Europe.
Poldi will make you eat those words my friend. Legend in the making, mark my words! COYG!
Arsene only wants committed players. If you want to leave, piss off. I'm feeling real bullish about this year. COYG!!!!
Lucky Bar, DC!
Doesnt have the name recognition of Mellberg but may end up being a better signing on the field. Much younger and no DP $.
D-bag response
Sounds like a cool concept. Certainly would watch these if they came on frequently. Would be cool to watch an episode with a new signing i.e Cahill.
one can only hope! Vamos United!
Waterfront SW is used by a lot of Nats fans rather than Navy Yard. About a 5-6 block walk up M St. Easy walk believe me - I used to live on Half St SW before I moved to Clarendon.
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May 17, 2012
Uptick in ticket sales for Chivas b/c of these moves?
every soccer fan in the states needs to have a few good stream sites
tino rarely features. IMO this will help pontius immensely by giving him and even najar more space. and maybe you are right, McDonald comes in and Perry switches to his natural defensive midfield position. i think this will have to wait until Jakovic comes back though
+1 Sorry to say JS thats completely idiotic IMO
bitter, bitter man. you may need help, just saying...
wow, expresso get real. all you need is whiskey. i just changed my mind about the seattle/sounders in this post alone
laughing man is screaming eagles new place apparently. a few of my boys were there for the qtrs + semis and said it was lackluster. heading to lucky bar wearing my stu holden jerzzzzzz
who cares about throwball?!
go to lucky, much better
agreed 100% lets hope dolo can round back into the form he had the past 10+ seasons!
getting back into shape after so time off. probably to test it to before the weekend match against San Jose. Vamos United!
Sean, The thing with closing down space is you need the rest of your teammates to be in position/doing the same to cut down the rest of the passes and time on the ball for the outlet. That is just not how the USA plays for 90 minutes.