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it seems we created the mess around the world with our imperialism ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if things turned against us more in the future. We are still creating a really bad image to most of the world. bucket trucks used Terex Bucket Trucks for sale
I don't think raising tariffs is really the right move here. It will make the cost of other countries to do business with us much higher... in return, they'll raise their tariffs and just cost us more. It's incredibly expensive for us to sell a bucket truck internationally. Just shipping a bucket truck in texas is expensive.
Never been a fan of cranberry sauce. The idea of eating makes me kinda sick... not as much as eating deviled eggs though. hey, if you ever want to write a guest blog, check out my site and email me. its Thanks for the read... keep up the good work.
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I have to think it goes further back than the "chicken wars". I believe it started during Japans reconstruction after World War 2. They were introduced to the wests manufacturing processes much closer and began to compete for market share locally, then internationally as demand grew. Check out my site: for more info on bucket trucks and digger derricks.
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Jan 17, 2011