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Have to agree with Cox. Jeremy Sandler in the National Post provides three players who are comparable with what Bautista is doing: Ted Kluszewski, Andre Dawson, and Kevin Mitchell. None is comparable. To all readers: find me a player in baseball history at age 29 who went from hitting home runs at a pace of 1 per 25 AB over his first seven years to hitting one every 12 AB. Who hits HR at that rate? Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire! I don't need proof to say it. The players who have been found guilty keep denying they ever did it or they confess to limited use around the time of the test. They are all deniers and fibbers. If I'm not being fair to Bautista it's because his colleagues have besmerched his sport. He's guilty as charged.
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Aug 25, 2010