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Awesome! She is my candidate! I have contributed money to her for years even though she is not from my district here in Minnesota! I love this woman!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Michele Bachmann on Israel at Atlas Shrugs
So all these Wall Street genius guys who went to Princeton and Harvard and then directly to an Investment House can't figure out what's wrong with the economy! One thinks that a solid course in liberty and capitalism may have shed clarity, but alas socialism is the only option within the walls of Ivy! In other words, these are the same guys who created Dirivatives and other exceptionally bad ideas...
Umm, Robert! Seriously dude? You need help! Your German heritage is showing! You may say you are a Jew but you really aren't because you don't love Israel! Or possibly you are just an idiot! Yea, that's probably it! It's ok, Barry O'Obama is now in the Island of green being Irish... I mean you can't even make this stuff up fast enough! Then on to see the the queen...I'll bet she can't wait! Hope Muchelle dresses up and makes us all proud in front of the Royals...shudder...!!!
Toggle Commented May 23, 2011 on AIPAC Applause-O-Meter at Atlas Shrugs
And so now one of the Arab countries is going to get all aggressive (Arab Spring and all) and they will decide to attack Israel. They will send 2 or 3 thousand Russian built tanks at the Israelis along with troops. They will be wiped out in 2 or 3 weeks of battle, leaving them with no tanks and all troops killed or captured but they still won't learn anything because they are a very stupid people!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Netanyahu Sets Obama Straight at Atlas Shrugs
I thought Bibi very respectfully and gracefully handed Obama his ass in the press conference! When he started talking of Israel being 4,000 years old I started hearing Hebrew music in the background and the hairs on my skin rose! It was so cool! Israel sends Bibi to a fight and we send Obama? Sigh... I support Israel and pray for her and for peace!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Netanyahu Sets Obama Straight at Atlas Shrugs
Israel is owned by the Jews having been given it to them directly by God. After Israel was sacked by the Romans in around 70AD they renamed it Palestine to remove all legacies of the Jews. Of course in-bred Muslims who have no knowledge or understanding of history don't know this. They just listen to vile lies spewed out by other ignorant "clerics" who themselves are uninformed of the truth. The problem they have is that they are confronting God! The Creator of The Universe! Jesus Christ when he returns as the Lion of Judah and of the lineage of David, will plant his feet firmly on the soil of Jerusalem and will slay all those who come against His people! God also is not pleased with those who would divide up his land! We are in perilous times with our idiot leaders! Watch as he unleashes his wrath on the United States!
The Lord is pretty clear in Scripture about those who would divide up His land, Israel and it is not good news for Obama or America! I would expect some smoting of some kind in the near future. Storms, Hurricanes or financial disaster! Watch, it's coming... It has in the past everytime we have made such a proposal and this one is a whopper! have nothing to say about it! The GOP "bigs" have already picked the GOP Winner and it is Mitt Romney! If they want your opinion, they will give it to you! So sit down, shut up and listen to FOX News as they shill for Romney! It will start with Hannity (He get's his talking points directly from the GOP) and then it will move to the Laura Ingram show! Karl Rove (the genius) and Krauthammer have also decided that it will be Mitt (both being the RINO's that they are). We the People, no longer matter! Just watch it unfold! It's "Mitt's turn"... It's how things are done in the GOP! So everyone settle down and let the professionals handle this. They have it and have had it since the last election!
Thanks Pamela! I love this article! The dog is a magnificent animal and truly man's best friend. Sic 'em boy/girl!
Toggle Commented May 15, 2011 on War Dogs! at Atlas Shrugs
Wow! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and the stirring images of Jerusalem! As a Christian, I love the Jewish people and support them 100% in their fight with absolute evil (Islam)! Pray for Jerusalem! Some day, the Lion of Judah shall set foot upon you again and defend you Himself! That shall be a glorious day indeed!
Toggle Commented May 14, 2011 on Gold Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Well at least we know that the Republicans will be out front leading the charge to stave off...what? Oh? These are Boehner's Republicans? Nevermind!!!
Syria is going to get their butts kicked if they try! One would think the Arabs would learn that they should not mess with the Israeli military! They are far too advanced and they are way too good for any of these countries to take on! My brother-in-law was a General in the Air Force and I asked him once except for the US and the Russians who are the real bad guys you don't want to mess with and he said without hesitating, the Israelis! Syria might want to reconsider before their "military" is obliterated!
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Syria Threatens War with Israel at Atlas Shrugs
1,400 years of in-breeding and wow! Wouldn't you think that one of these guys would sit down and think just for a moment " we live in caves and stone houses with dirt floors and ride camels and the Americans have sweet homes with cool cars and TV and what's wrong with this picture?"
Al Jazeera is a tool for Islam which we are at war with. We just don't yet know it here in America, however when we do wake up watch out! Other "bad guys" have felt our wrath before and Islam is no different! We are currently a sleeping Giant...the operative word is Giant! When we wake up, Islam is in big trouble! If I were POTUS, I would simply tell the Arab leaders, "If we are attacked here in the US with biological, chemical or nuclear, missiles will be launched at several Arab sites. They will be nuclear and even I, the President of The United States can't stop it! It is automatic. Mecca is the first target that we will obliterate so think about what you are doing and control your people or you will pay a very heavy price!
God Bless Israel. We Christians continue to pray for you and your survival against your enemies. You are protected by the Lord God! May you see another 68 years!
The mainstream media hates Christianity more than they hate Republicans. They hate Christians almost as much as they hate Sarah Palin! That is why I love Sarah Palin! Anyone who can make liberals heads spin around 360 degrees on their shoulders while they go into convulsions is my kind of candidate. Reagan was the last Conservative that I saw do this to liberals! As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!
I might have waited a couple of weeks to announce "We got him" so that the CIA and other spooks could spend some time with the intel gathered. But NOOOOOOO! Not Barry! I'm sure Vallerie Jarret was right there telling him exactly what to do and what not to do! So once we got all this sweet intel, what does Barry do? He tells the world we have it! Sigh...
The Captain of this ship should have been tossed overboard in a mass mutiny by the hero Seals. Like what are they going to do, prosecute them? I don't think so! They could have said a couple of Alah Akbars before putting on his life vest and tossing him off the flight deck. I know, it's a long drop but to bad, so sad! The man is an obvious idiot! If I were him I would have disobeyed the order for a muslim funeral and plopped Osama into the ocean! Court Martial...ok with me! Then a book deal! Sweet!
"It will always be color over the white man"! Wow! When I see a black man, I don't think "hey he's black!" I see a man. Racists exist on both sides of the color spectrum it appears. As if we didn't already know that...
Hey tough guys! Why are you always wearing a mask to hide your face? We don't wear masks here in America? There must not be enough women to hide behind!
So how do you square calling Nazi's Christians? They weren't! They were a cultish clan who did not follow the teachings of the Bible but did follow Darwin. They also searched the world over for Occult Symbols and artifacts that would give them power! Christians who have not been kind to the Jews have not been right thinking. Jesus was a Jew along with Peter, Paul, James, John, etc. etc. etc. If it were not for the Jews, the Gospel of Christ would not have been possible for the Gentiles! If a Christian doesn't understand this, they are ignorant of their own faith and do not understand God's plan of salvation!
Israel was given to the Jewish nation by God. In 70AD the Romans sacked Jerusalem and to remove all memory of the Jews they renamed the land Palestine (from Israel). This doesn't change the fact that the land still belongs to the Jews. Argue with God if you wish but the Jews aren't leaving and trying to force them out will not turn out well for the aggressor!
The author must have studied English and History! Both are lacking in today's journalism schools. They should just teach stenographic skills for the regime!
Has Obama awarded himself the Medal of Honor yet? I mean, c'mon! If it ever was deserved! Didn't like he rope in with Seal Team 6 and personally shoot Osama? No? Oh...I misunderstood from listening to his underlings. But still...if you listen to the Lamestreams...IT'S A DEFINING MOMENT in his Presidency...they all tell us breathlessly! Idiots!
Excellent article. There is much more about this whole operation that stinks! You are the only one that has uncovered parts of it! Keep up the great work! Love your website. I just found it! Boy have I been missing out! Thanks!