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Lem Utu
Fountain Valley, CA
"Why are you wearing bunny ears and slippers?" "It's Thursday."
Interests: with logic like that, do you really want to know everything I'm interested in? Maybe not. If I'm writing about it, I'm interested in it and lets leave it at that.
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"Garden of Bones" It begins with a fart joke and when you're just done laughing, Grey Wind (Robb Stark's Dire Wolf) disembowels the poor boy. The King of the North has won another rout over the Lannisters and next seen surveying the carnage. When Robb insists that no prisoners are... Continue reading
Gethin Anthony, Natalie Dormer “What Is Dead May Never Die” Picks up right where “The Night Lands” left off with Craster presenting a groggy Jon Snow to Commander Mormont and demanding that the Nights Watch be on their way. Snow had followed Craster into the woods and witnessed him leaving... Continue reading
Maisie Williams, Joseph Dempsie "The Night Lands" It begins off of the King's Road with Arry/Arya (Maisie Williams) looking nervously about when you realize she's relieving herself away from prying eyes. Hurrying back to camp, two of the City Guard arrive and insist Joren (Francis Magee) hand over Gendry (Joseph... Continue reading
King Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) "The North Remembers" After Binge-Viewing "Game of Thrones" last year, Season 2 wastes no time revisiting the cruelty of King Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson), reminding us how much it affected the end of Season 1. Freshly blooded and with his sire's blessing, Lord Tyrion Lannister... Continue reading
"The Hard Drive" So after surviving a gunshot wound and falling off a bridge into the Seine River, Becca strolls into a fancy restaurant and asks the hostess for a meal. The hostess is another conveniently positioned contact from the Bad Old Days and the shooter was a horrible shot.... Continue reading
"Beside the Dying Fire" If Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" has taught me anything it is this: Avoid Rick, Lori and Carl Grimes in a zombie apocalypse BECAUSE THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND WILL GET YOU KILLED! It begins with zombies in the city suddenly attracted to a helicopter... Continue reading
"Pilot" We meet Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) on her morning run and she's clearly a woman in good shape. Cooling down after, she gets a call from husband, Paul (Sean Bean) in Vienna with their young son Michael. Paul is checking in before they board a flight home and pleasantries... Continue reading
"Dr. Emmet Cole" Lincoln wants to hail a chopper and get Lena out of the jungle. Tess wants to move on when Lena overhears and insists on staying aboard. The Magus comes across the Sahte Falls and find camera bags with film inside. Viewing the film, flash back to Russ... Continue reading
"Judge, Jury, Executioner" We open with Daryl administering a beating to Randall in the barn. He confesses that his group is about 30 strong with more firepower and less respect for women. Confirming that keeping Randall alive is just stupid. When Daryl forwards the information, Rick announces Randall needs to... Continue reading
"Peaches" The crew of the Magus is plotting where to go next (on their map of an uncharted area...what?) and the show flashs back to when Emmet went missing. Lena is feeling slighted that it's all about Emmet and people seem to have forgetten her dad is lost too. Jonas... Continue reading
"The Man Behind the Curtain" Arlo is calling out Limehouse at the bridge while Tanner Dodd staggers into the Holler looking for shelter. Earl is about to kill him when Limehouse intervenes. He turns Tanner into his snitch and expects regular updates from the Quarles camp as well as Tanner's... Continue reading
"18 miles out" The idea is take Randall out 18 miles from the farm and set him free. Why Randall is still alive is only logical in this mess of a series. I give up. What started hopefully with such drama has turned into a steaming pile of poorly done... Continue reading
Full Disclosure: I haven’t seen any of these movies and choosing winners by wild ass guess. Best Supporting Actress: NAILED IT. Bérénice Bejo, “The Artist”: A silent movie? Are you kidding me? No way. Underestimated Academy voters need to be thought of as extra artsy this year. Jessica Chastain, “The... Continue reading
“I wish to express my deep regret for the reported incident,’’ Obama said in a letter to President Hamid Karzai. “I extend to you and the Afghan people my sincere apologies.’’ “The error was inadvertent,’’ Obama said. “I assure you that we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2012 at Lemzilla Runs His Mouth
"When the Guns Come Out" It starts with two hillbilly honeys trying to buy Oxy from Dr. Stern, (Randolph Adams) Boyd's new pet doctor. One of them is Trixie, Limehouse's informant. Inside the clinic, Dr. Stern is being successfully persuaded to give the girls more Oxy than they have paper... Continue reading
"A Better Man" Flashback to Emmet and cameraman Jonas Beckett, hacking vines off the back of the Magus. When vines seem to regrow instantly, Emmet is a little unnerved. In the present, the 'show within a show' aspect has everyone discussing the leadership role on the Magus. Tess appears to... Continue reading
"Johnny McKee" Dr. Beauregard has done all he can to help Lucy but she's still not out of the woods. He tells Hauser to read to her and gives him a Harold Robbins novel. Since no under 30 has ever read a Harold Robbins novel, this leads one to believe... Continue reading
"Thick as Mud" Limehouse and his backup during the Dickie Bennett encounter, discuss the amount of money Ellstin is really holding. Turns out the receipts were faked and millions are left. The lackey suggests taking Dickie out now that he's back in prison but Limehouse scolds that that was not... Continue reading
"Los Ciegos" We open with Clark viewing old footage from an "Undiscovered Country", looking longingly at footage of Tess. It seems "The River" will take some photograph or video of Emmet Cole and try to divine his location through specific flora or fauna every week. When Tess is informed that... Continue reading
"Triggerhappy" We start with Lori, unconscious and trapped in her car while a zombie tries to claw it's way in. Back in town, Rick, Hershel and Glen are huddled inside the bar when Dave and Tony's friends come looking for them. Since they're in there with Dave and Tony's freshly... Continue reading
Host, Shane Adams, begins "Full Metal Jousting" by telling you what it isn't and emphatically states that it isn't like "Theatrical Jousting" you've seen while having dinner. Full Disclosure: I used to work at Medieval Times (Lyndhurst, NJ) and took a wee bit of umbrage with that. More later. Shane... Continue reading
"Paxton Petty" In flashback, we meet Paxton Petty as he's brought to The Rock after setting multiple bombs around the city. One is still unaccounted for and young SFPD officer, Emerson Hauser is on the case. He meets Lucy Sangupta and is immediately smitten. Meanwhile, Petty is subjected to the... Continue reading
"Nebraska" We begin TWD Season 2, part 2 at the Barn Massacre and it's horrific aftermath. And we still have Survivors, people who should know better, doing stupid things. Hershel's youngest, Beth, runs squealing to her presumabley re-dead zombie mother without anybody stopping her dainty little ass. Naturally, Not-Quite-Dead-Zombie-Mother tries... Continue reading
Adele walked away with serious hardware and plenty of industry love at the 54th annual Grammy Awards. The Boss and the E Street Band (sadly minus “The Big Man”, RIP Clarence) kick off the show with a sober but spirited “We Take Care of Our Own”. Host, LL Cool J... Continue reading
"The Devil You Know" The Carpetbagger Robert Quarles meets with Devil (Kevin Rankin) and after some polite chitchat and with very little prodding, Devil is on board and ready to take out Boyd Crowder. Between brokering this hit and the one on Raylan in last weeks episode, Quarles continues to... Continue reading