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I'm also a lifelong UU & raised my kids in the church; there aren't enough of us. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. UUs need to communicate with their members better. I suppose I could have given up on my church, but they didn't give up on me like that, though I've always pledged something, because I understand what it takes to make a church run. I think it's funny that you were running an email list and they didn't realize it when they dropped your membership - small congregations that think small and act small make a bad name for our religion. I'm also a humanist, but I understand how our principles align with diversity, including diversity of beliefs. Bill Sinkford just said he wanted to let in more spiritual language - I don't shrivel when I hear the word "God" - it's always been there in our hymnal in many of our songs. God = Nature or Love or Universe. The UUA is not closed-minded; they posted the link to this blog post in their online UU World. Congratulations, as you decide to leave, you also are becoming the talk of our association. With diversity comes the question of how to grow. How do we welcome new people without changing? Or do we work to keep our current and/or born-UUs. We also, each as UUs, have to decide if UUism is still what is right for us. For me, it definitely is, but life is a journey and you have to find your own way. I hope you'll stick with us in some way, but it's your life. Good luck!
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