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I recall the winter of 1776/77.....Valley Forge......a 20,000 man army down to a sick, starving, defeated 2000.....The American leadership fleeing Philadelphia.....and George Washington wondering what to do. Then he is delivered a phamphlet that begins: "THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated...." "QUIT" is not an option! Did you think this freedom we have would always be free? Enough people haven't hurt enough yet to force the reformation! The best sword is tempered by the hottest fire, and we are only now being put into the FIRE!! Dark days are ahead! TRUTH is the only thing that will bring us to the other side! You know what is RIGHT!! You know what is TRUE!! BEAR THE STANDARD NO MATTER WHAT!!! DIE before you surrender! There are many things much, much worse than dying! STAND FAST!! DO NOT FLINCH AT THE FLASH AND NOISE OF THE BATTLE!! BE STRONG!! FIGHT HARDER!! DO NOT QUIT!!!! I'm all in Pamela! I fear GOD much more than I fear any man! Others may choose tyranny and slavery, but as for me and my house, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!
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I have had enough, I don't need any more, and I will say it: TO ARMS!! You bring that muzzi-commie shit on down here to Georgia barry-boy. I double dog dare ya! You prick!
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This Rauf demon is a complete tool! A textbook example of Al-taqiyya! Hannity wasn't buying it. He knows this demonic leopard's stripes will never change. GOOD JOB SEAN!!
Still can't believe it! DAMN!!! Just......DAMN!!!!
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We all want another Reagan. There will NEVER be another Reagan! He was a once in a lifetime treat. But we CAN have a person who exhibits Reaganesque qualities. We are not going to have the perfect conservative candidate who will satisfy everyone that considers themselves a republican or conservative. Its just not going to happen! For me, Rick Santorum presents as the BEST conservative candidate in the field, and he is who I will work for, give money to, and vote for. Perfect? Not by a longshot. But of the four candidates, he is the least imperfect of the bunch. However, when its all said and done and we leave Tampa for the general election, I will be a FIRM and ENTHUSIASTIC supporter for whoever the candidate is. I have no qualms at ALL voting for any of the four over the muslim commie-in-chief currently occupying the WH. OBAMA MUST BE DEFEATED!!! The Republic cannot survive four more years of this maniac and his crew of spongy headed mutants!
To my dear Sister Susan, May the love and grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father rain down upon you, and may you always know in your heart and mind the warm comfort of HIS peace that surpasses all understanding. Your rewards in Heaven are not even within the scope of the human mind to comprehend. You have suffered for Christ! You are in the company of giants of our Faith.....Paul, Peter, Steven, Job....You have provided a sterling example of what it means to LIVE FOR CHRIST!! GOD bless you my Sister! I look forward to meeting you when we go Home. To the so called "father" have no idea the wrath that awaits you on That Day. I would hate to be you! You will then know the awful lie of islam, and it will be too late for you. It will be AWFUL!!!
What BULLSHIT!!! Who in their right mind would give one good flying shit if our Marines piss on the bodies of these dead devils? Something is very, very, VERY wrong in this country! And HEY, John talk some pretty tough shit to a woman (Pam) I bet you wouldn't talk that shit to a big, redneck boy like me! You bring that muzzie-lovin' B/S on down here to Georgia boy.......there won't be enough of you left to fill a TSA liquids baggie. Eh, Pam could likely whip your ass like a red-headed step child......but you're still a pussy!
Ron Paul is a whacked unit, ala Adolph Hitler. You see what Hitler talked the nation of Germany into..... And our crippled Republic is ripe for the picking. The fact that so many people not only support this guy, but support him FANATICALLY(kind of reminescent of nazi youth, SS, gestapo, i.e., totally brainwashed into the cult of personality over Hitler)only serves to prove the point rather horrifically. We are in mortal danger if this guy is the nominee. Should that be the case, you will have a choice only of which tyrant will complete the destruction of the Republic; Obama, or Paul.
Penn is a punk-ass useLESS idiot. Always has been....always will be. A waste of carbon based lifeform. Dr. Rey? Couldn't agree more with you about him. That video is just beautiful! He gives rich women just exactly what they want.....and he gives beautiful little girls a smile to light up the world with. In my book......he's earned his keep! It is a fair trade.
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My email note to the nutty professor: It is truly a great shame that much better men and women than you have had to sacrifice so much for your sorry ass. To have so many titles and letters before and after your name, you sure are a stupid man. Only goes to prove that you can't teach common sense and decency. Some have don't. Fall off Professor Dork.....just don't fall on me. Joseph Norman USN 1979-82 Taxpayer, working schlub, not impressed by asshole academic types. Hampton, GA.
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".....You see what they have done to me. Do you think they will do any less to you?....." My Boss, The Jewish carpenter I pray GOD's love and mercy and grace upon this brother in Christ, as well as for all brothers and sisters in the LORD who are being persecuted for His sake. May they know deep in their hearts and minds His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. Unless you are a Believer, you are not at all able to fully comprehend the magnitude of the victory that these people have already achieved.
Osama bin laden is the hands of Americans. Anwar al-awlaki is the hands of Americans. Khalid Mohammed pissed himself like a little girl and sang like a scared little bird, giving up lots of his terrorist buddies, including the big kahuna, bin the hands of Americans(with a little help from H2O) In Iraq, Afghanistan, and some few places not disclosed,thousands......TENS OF THOUSANDS....of hard core jihadist islam-o-nazi warriors have been introduced to the 72 virgin goats in the hands of some of the finest Americans ever to wear our uniform. We are still here. We will stay here. Sierra Hotel to the folks who pulled off this shot. Carry on! mean the same bunch that said a black man is 3/5ths of a human being? Their "interpretation" was spot on with that one! You mean the same SCOTUS that in Roe v Wade created a "right" out of thin air, kicking the tenth amendment to the curb? The commerce clause has long been used by commie-lib hacks to imbue some kind of Constitutional legitimacy to their assaults upon our freedoms and liberties. These same pin-heads oh so conveniently forget about the bill of rights and the tenth amendment. Seems they have no zeal for that troublesome "clause" The commerce clause does not give congress and the courts the unfettered freedom to do whatever they want to do and then hide behind it. Obama's Healthcare shenanigans are being defended as Constitutional and legitimate based guessed it.....the commerce clause! The Founding Fathers NEVER intended that article of the Constitution to mean that the federal government could compel people to buy healthcare insurance. If it is so, then where does it stop? Will I be disallowed to buy my kid a Happy Meal because it's bad for him (in their learned opinion), and since McDonalds does business across state lines, the commerce clause gives them that power? So tell me.....where does it end? Will we have to have another civil war because of a stupid SCOTUS decision?
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There is only ONE person responsible for me and mine, and that is....ME!! All I want the government to do for me is LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!! I don't mind paying a fair tax based upon my participation in the free market (the FAIR tax.....that everyone would pay). But after I give my pound of flesh to Ceasar.....I want Ceasar to bugger off. I will take care of me! I don't need or want the government providing for me and taking care of my every need. I want the government to STRICTLY abide by the Constitution that was designed and created to CONSTRAIN it! All you butt-headed commie-libs here....please tell me the article of the Constitution that authorizes social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, AFDC, USDA, education department, energy department, HUD, NEA, NPR,WIC,HSA,TSA, farm subsudies, business subsudies, subsudized housing, immigrant subsudies, the FED, NIH, foreign aid, funding university research.......and I could go on and on. And don't respond with your typical asshat libtard rhetoric.
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Even on this most excellent blog, there are VERY few individuals who have any idea of what they are talking about when it comes to special ops.....Froggy comes immediately to mind, as well as Uncle I am very particular about what I'll even read, much less believe, from any source. The MSM, from ANY outlet....I don't believe one. single. word. any of them say. EVER!! When you're in the business of killing people, you better believe the other guy is trying just as hard to do the same thing to you. Most times, we get the bear. Sometimes.....the bear gets us. It is the nature of the most cruel beast of war. Fair winds and following seas to my shipmates that went down with that helo. I take some measure of solace in knowing that they ALL were doing just exactly what they wanted to be doing. We should all be so lucky to die that way.
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Well LW, you can sit on what you want to say.....but I won't! TSA is, from "big sis" Napolitano all the way down to the newest hire nazi goon, a bunch of thug-ass gestapo freaks....pediphiles, sex offenders, socio-paths.....the absolute dregs of society! What this poor woman and her son went through should NEVER, EVER, EVER happen in the United States of America!! It is a disgrace and a horror, and the really sick joke part of it is that TSA DOES NOT keep us safe!! If someone wants to take a plane......they will take a plane, and never get anywhere near the TSA gestapo goons. What disturbs me the most about this is that several hundred people watched this happen and did NOTHING to stop it, or even protest it! We have truly become a nation of mind numbed sheep, too lazy and too stupid to protect even our most basic freedoms and liberties. We have sacrificed our freedoms for security.....and so we deserve, and have gotten, neither.
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Dear friend..... There are those of us out here who are ready....HAVE BEEN for a long do just that. No quarter asked. None given. islam is the problem. Eliminate the problem.....or it will surely eliminate us!
Well said! I will say again, and I will continue to say it: ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM!!!
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Jun 9, 2011
I didn't say anything about religion....YOU did! You are SO smart and wise and better than us lowly knucle draggers.....your superior intellect, void of any of the non sense of religion or faith or belief, allows you to clearly see the world's problems. You're just so fucking smug and above it all, aren't you? Any religious person, of any stripe, is just pathetically stupid in your view. So you look at this gun camera and automaticaaly assume the worse possible motives and intent on the part of the Americans, because, after all, they are mostly Christians, and we all know how stupid and misguided they are.'re not smart, and you're not wise, and you certianly aren't better than those who would fight for something they BELIEVE in, like GOD, country, family, friend. You really are a pathetic little shit, hiding behind the virtue of better men and women than you who defend your sorry ass. When the muslim horde swarms over America, which becomes more and more a likely scenario as dorks like you assume positions of leadership in this country, I'm sure you'll make your best argument for reasoned compromise and co-existence. But they won't hear it! They will lead you away, and put you on your knees, and saw your head right off as they sing praises to allah and you piss yourself as you die.'re fucking disgusting!
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Always so much easier for you and your ilk to blame the good guys first....and yes, WE ARE the good guys! You can't wait to put every single one of our mistakes out front,but you are so loath to show even ONE of the atrocities commited by the islam-o-terrorist, like, oh, I don't know, maybe the SLAUGHTER of the Fogel family in Israel this past month? Your types defend and excuse that kind of demonic evil. You are fucking disgusting!
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islam is the problem. Until we face that simple fact, and ACT on the acknowledgement, it will continue.....and only get worse.
I stand with Israel. This Republic is hanging by a thin, worn thread from falling into the pit of obscurity, irrelevance, and doom. I am convinced that the only current saving graces for our country, our only chance of restoring our Republic, is the remnant of Christians here and our national policy of support of Israel. When we abandon Israel, GOD will surely abandon us! Without the blessings and intervention of Providence upon us, we are left to the wolves, and believe me, they lick their chops and hungrily wait to pounce on us and rip us to shreds! GOD bless Israel, and GOD bless the United States of America!
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TypePad HTML Email I had a long, drawn out response written to you......then I remembered that my time and effort is better spent on people with functioning brains. Fall off asshole......just don't fall on me.
THIS is what we have to look forward to in the towns and cities of America if we don't FUCKING OPEN OUR EYES and see this evil and deal with it! They will gleefully slit the throat of YOUR baby if you don't! They will be only too glad to disembowel your 4 year old son! You think it can't happen here? You are fucking BRAIN DEAD if you think that! They are already here, they are ALL OVER our country, like an insidious cancer! You slab-headed, PC infected, gutless cowards who think you can compromise and be rational with muslims will be the FIRST ONES to lose your heads when sharia law takes over America! You are too stupid and too full of self loathing to understand what the problem is and deal with it! the problem IS islam!! You think it's just little Jewish babies in Israel? OH NO DUMBASS, it is YOUR little American baby too! Try to get this into your PC cancer infected mind; THEY HATE EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM!! THEY WANT YOU DEAD, YOUR KIDS DEAD, OUR CIVILIZATION DEAD!!! You muslim apologists and Jew/Christian haters will die like scared rabbits......on your knees in a puddle of your own piss when they saw your head off with a rusty blade. Me?? I will live free of them or die on my feet fighting these demonic heathens! We had better wake up and get with the program. This is only the tip of the iceberg!