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How is it at all possible to refrain from asking parents' permission? It is the parents who will be responsible for looking after the children if they get ill from the vaccines.
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In Norway we are under police suspicion for simply believing in something. From the Norwegian police ”Trend report 2012”. (Page 42). (English translation). "Conspiracy theorists have been active for many years but there has been significant recruitment the last two years. They may be classed in two camps: One includes the classical theorists who believe that the society is ruled by a small hand picked elite. New World Order, Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Rockefellers and the Stoltenberg dynasty (Norwegian prime minister’s family) are typically named elite groups. Another part of the conspiracy theorist environment focuses on so-called chemtrails and anti vaccine campaigns –the authorities’ supposed intentional poisoning of the population. There is no defined line between these two fractions and many are represented in both camps. There are two reasons why the group should be noted as a new trend which should capture the interest of the police. Part of the environment works actively to gain contact with official people and to then reveal their hidden agenda. Some pretending to be journalists have managed to get close physical contact with several central politicians. Most of these meetings have been directly unpleasant for the official persons. The other factor is the organizing of unannounced actions and demonstrations against departments, health institutions and similar. The police have several times been obliged to dissolve the demonstrations and arrest people who have performed such activities. Several of the involved in these environments have psychiatric diagnoses."
The letter from the SaneVax team to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services is an excellent initiative. In addition to the tragic numbers of adverse events and deaths related to Gardasil, irregularities in connection with clinical trials, marketing and reporting of adverse events and the discovery of potentially dangerous HPV DNA, there is now information demonstrating lack of efficacy and increased risk of cervical cancer. The objective of the ATHENA study was to describe baseline data from addressing the need for advanced HPV diagnostics. Information in the study also demonstrates lack of efficacy and increased risk of cervical cancer in the vaccinated subjects. ATHENA study, Table 3: The SaneVax team have rightly requested that Gardasil approval be rescinded. This vaccine should never have been approved.
I sent this e-mail message to Dr. Pedersen and members of the school board. Here is most of the message: "Dear Dr. Pedersen, I refer to the vaccination contest which you are promoting. I am aware that Attorney Alan Phillips has contacted you regarding judicial aspects. I assume that you are aware that all three vaccines are extremely controversial regarding safety issues. Many serious adverse effects have occurred with these three vaccines and they may, and most certainly in the case of the HPV vaccine, occur up to some years after administration. For interest, the fact that the HPV vaccine is promoted as one which may prevent cancer is also controversial. The normal phenomenon of replacement is well known in virology – where virus strains which are removed are replaced by other strains. It is not known whether the new strains will be more carcinogenic than the ones which are removed. This information is as yet unknown to the manufacturers and health authorities. In other words, it is not known whether the vaccine will actually increase the risk of cancer. Polysorbate 80/Tween 80, with its property of making the blood-brain barrier more porous, is included in certain injections in connection with drug targeting, in order to facilitate the passage of chemotherapeutic or psychiatric medicines through the barrier and into the brain tissue. The HPV vaccine Gardasil contains polysorbate 80 which renders the blood-brain barrier more porous so that toxic substances such as aluminium pass easier through the barrier and lodge in the brain tissue. This property is naturally highly undesirable. You do no doubt agree that vaccination should be based on informed consent. In order to be informed, each student should personally receive a copy of the original package insert for each of the vaccines and they should be given reasonable time to investigate. All original package inserts may be found in internet. Information in the inserts is formulated by the manufacturers. In addition, students should be advised to investigate further, for example in I respectfully request that also you personally carefully study the three package inserts and investigate for example in, so that you are well aware of, and can stand by your recommendations. An extremely relevant issue is that of co-administration, that is the administration of several different vaccines within a short period of time. It is imperative that there is satisfactory safety data regarding the co-administration of these three vaccines. The combination of these three vaccines when co-administered may result in extremely serious and irreversible adverse effects, irrespective of whether single administration is deemed safe. For your information, there is no data whatsoever which guarantees safety regarding co-administration for the three vaccines. This implies that in the case of vaccine injury there will be minimal possibility to prove that the injury is caused by a specific vaccine. The result will no doubt be that there will be no compensation paid for the injury. Students should be informed in writing about this fact, which in effect implies that there will be no possibility for compensation in the case of vaccine injury. Apart from possible and serious judicial aspects, in all due respect may I add that you are in fact imposing on yourself a moral and ethical burden in promoting this competition. I have faith in assuming that you are aware that the safety of the three vaccines issued singly is extremely controversial. I also have faith in assuming that you are unaware that the safety of the three vaccines in the case of co-administration cannot and will not be guaranteed. I take the liberty of requesting therefore that you seriously consider immediate termination of the contest".
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May 21, 2011