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Jiří Vašina
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I'm very happy to see yet another article concerning Large Format film shooters - and in a positive way, as I understand it... Regarding the availability of Whole Plate (WP) film: you are right the sources are limited, to either cutting down 8×10" film, or ordering from Ilford. But there is also another way (actually 3 of them) which I think you should mention: 1. Foma (from the Czech Republic where I live) that produces the Fomapan 100 (and also Fomapan 200) sheet film could be made to cut the film to WP size if the order is large enough. But here large order does not necessarily mean the same as custom cutting from Kodak or Fuji, or even Ilford. I think they might be willing to consider it even if it was in the tens of boxes (like 25+ boxes). That's comparatively very small. And Fomapan 100 film is rather popular among LF shooters, even the ones in US know it well... (and it's my main film in 13×18cm, too) 2. Adox ("Adox FotoImpex Berlin") is supplying film in quite a few non-standard sizes, so they might be willing to prepare the WP size too... (I'm using the Adox CHS 25 film in 5×8" size) 3. There's another film manufacturer in Europe, Wephota (producing Wephota NP 15 - ISO 25 and Wephota NP 22 - ISO 100/125 films) , that's usually willing to cut to any size... (I'm not affiliated with any of these manufacturers, I'm just using those films and want them to be available as long as possible, so I'm only advertising them...) Jiri
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Nov 16, 2010