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Well said. The fundamentals of a democracy are free speech and vigorous but respectful debate, and it is our patriotic duty to support but not blindly follow our elected leaders. If we truly care about India then we must also always question and challenge the actions of her leaders when we feel they are straying from the right course or the greater good. As Indians we often tend to gloss over and ignore the harsh realities that still exist and hold India back; like caste, religious intolerance, gender discrimination and the fact that Modi grew up under a right-wing Hindu philosophy; and this is something we need to keep an eye on because we never want India to become a Hindu nation that discriminates against non-Hindus. So as long as Modi’s agenda of economic growth, infrastructure development, poverty eradication, girls education, women’s rights is inclusive I will fully support and even join in and help but at the same time I will also watch to make sure that the RSS does not get to further its agenda behind the scenes. And this should be the duty of every Indian who wants to see a great and prosperous India for divided we never will be. You can read my Open Letter to the PM:
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Oct 4, 2014