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Val Anne Welch
Port Townsend, WA
Born a poor white child. Became a pastry chef. Now a poor white adult. Epilogue: Now a poor white RETIRED adult
Interests: baking and pastry, cake decorating, cooking, graphic design, drinkin' wine, reading, my husband and my grandson!!
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So, you know when your friends or neighbors invite you to dinner and you get there only to find out it was a pretense to show you their vacation photos? Well, this is my blog version of that, and if that’s not your deal, here’s your warning to scroll past... Continue reading
Hey, Hip_chickie! First, I didn't know you could take the damn cage off! Wow. Cleaning would have been so much easier! Ok, this is what I may or may not work for you. Do you see any type of switch or button that the safety cage trips when it's completely turned around so the mixer turns on? If so, you can duct tape it so that it is permanently tripped. Even worse, does the safety cage have something that sticks up to trip something that is somewhat "embedded" toward the back of the mixer? You'll have to find a way to stick something like a broken of skewer in there to trip the switch, then tape it in. I don't know what model you have. I went to the Thunderbird website and I found some phone numbers.......Texas Office: 1-866-7-MIXERS or 1-866-875-6868 or 1-866-451-1668. There's also some phone numbers for the Blaine, WA office too. Hope I've helped you somewhat! There MUST be some way to put the cage back on! I mean you got it off, so it must go back! Keep messing with it.....damn things anyway! Keep me posted.....I'd like to hear your outcome! Annie
Thanks for your prayers Alicia! Mom is doing slightly worse, but it's all under control. My brother is helping me out more, and I get a break every third week by having a professional caregiving company come in and take care of her.'s all good.
Thanks Alicia! Wow, when I did that in 2009 (seems like forever ago), I was under so much stress in my personal life, that I think it reflected on my performance.....not to mention the fact that I hadn't decorated in a long time previous to that. To say I was nervous was an understatement! In fact, that was the last cake I've decorated since then. Taking care of my Mom has taken all my time. Thanks for friending me on FB too! And regarding Kerry Vincent's hair god, it's stupid. :) Oh yeah, and I guess they've replaced Food Network Challenge with a show called Sugar Dome.....a harder and more ridiculous cake show. I really can't believe anyone would agree to do it. Ugh!
Aliens taking over D.C. may be a good thing actually. Sex scandals? They're so common it's becoming a major yawn-fest. Of course, if *I* were involved in a sex-scandal, you KNOW I'd post about it right away. :/ Sorry to disappoint, but I had to get this off my chest......oh.......wait.
First of all, I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I've posted anything! I read my last post from February of last year and wow, yeah, I was having a hard time then. Still am, actually. Nothing's changed, except, I DID try to put Mom in an adult... Continue reading
Thanks for your kind words! I did make an appt for counseling and have been seeing a counselor for about a month now. We both agree that assisted living is probably best for mom right now. It's just getting her there that's the problem! She is just so adamant about staying in her house. It's going to be a tough battle.
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May 7, 2012
I guess what's kept me from blogging all this time is that I've waited for things to get better before I post. You know, happy blogging. Nobody wants to read about the latest whine-du-jour. But frankly, things have basically sucked since my last post and have gotten suckier. So it's... Continue reading
Our Flair is the Custom Imperial RCIB-645-2. I do believe it's a 1962 model. I can't believe how long it's lasted, and for me, it's definitely worth holding on's my little workhorse, and an oven that was definitely way ahead of it's time!
Hey thanks for commenting! I appreciate your advice and I will take it to heart. I've been getting advice all over the place actually, and it's hard to know who has the right answer, you know? I do take what my trainer says with a grain of salt, but his advice had been working for me so far, so I'll stick with it (but I will have a hard boiled egg if I want it). He doesn't realize that as a pastry chef, I do have a certain knowledge about food that perhaps he doesn't. I do do some weight lifting at the gym with my trainer.....he makes sure strength training is part of my routine. Building more muscle is part of burning more calories, but I'm sure you know that! Thanks for all the site referrals....! I will check them out!
Thanks, Annster, your words mean a lot to me. Mom still refuses to go into assisted living, which I think is rather selfish, but I'm trying to keep her life as normal as possible for as long as possible. I think I'm sort of a martyr in a way, and nobody loves a martyr. I did go and join a gym so I would have something to do when I'm over there besides watching TV. I'm getting in shape now....9 lbs down, 50 to go........
Thanks for the kind words and motivation! In the beginning you need a lot of encouragement, it's easy to entertain the thought to just quit, especially when results aren't as "instant" as you'd like......but I will keep pressing on!
Hi Kids! Long time no bloggy. It's because everything's been the same old, same old........stay with Mom Tuesday through Fridays in Redmond, and back to Port Townsend for the weekends. My life, in short, is in a huge rut. I'm in a rut spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The spiritual and... Continue reading
I haven't totally abandoned this blog. It's just there isn't much pastry going on in my life right now, and this blog is supposed to be about all things pastry plus extra bonuses, like how great my life is. Ha. Actually I did get to do a little pastry work... Continue reading
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Sep 5, 2010
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Sep 3, 2010
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Sep 3, 2010
Well, due to the poor economy I guess, the host of my blog, Vox, is closing at the end of September, so I've had to move my blog over to this Typepad thingy. It's a major pain in the ass to learn and I'm cranky about it. Why can't things... Continue reading
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Sep 3, 2010