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As a former German, ex-journalist and now Australian, I'd like to make the following observations: If politicians ruled German media are biased they reflect a. the low quality of German politicians and b. that the other side pays better. German politicians and media, private or public, can and need to be bought: If Americans want more American friendly reporting - go pay for it! Nobody gets on US media, e.g. Rupert's media, either, unless they pay for it. If the media report incorrect facts, the embassy's press officer can initiate a correction. From my days in the music industry I remember, that music only got into the German media when it was part of big business. Journalism is not all that different, as I also remember well. The US have lost a couple of friends in recent years, me included. They were well aware of the corrupt dealings between the late French President F. Mitterrand and then Chancellor Helmut Kohl (in 1991/92), but approved of it. 'Chancellor Matter' left me denuded of my constitutional rights, and since nothing happened in Germany on that political level without the approval of the USA, they are implicated in reunification crime and corruption. Beyond my individual experiences, there were and are a number of issues that left people unconvinced of the superiority of the US system: New Orleans - bad management, Iraq war - bad judgement, sub prime mortgage crisis - not a shining example how to do things, 37 million Americans (according to Oprah) homeless or living in hovels - bad report card. Toyota eclipsed Detroit, because Detroit lacked foresight, or was in the grip of big oil. Monsanto in India - very bad karma. Madeleine Albright said in about 1998, that something or other 'paves the way for another American century'. She seemed to have no sensitivity about the implied desire for world dominance in her sentence. Consider this example: The American answer to crime is building gated compounds. In continental Europe you would start looking for the reasons of crime and make efforts to reduce it. There is not enough space for creating gated compounds, demonstrating the difference in conditions lead to different attitudes. Fanatical abortion opponents from the US find very few friends in overpopulated Europe. The US can, of course, live any which way they like. It only causes issues, when they try to tell others how to live. If they really want to generate more positive coverage, the embassy's press officer needs to invite the editors, one by one, to a splendid dinner in a private function room in a five star hotel. There needs to be a budget for a family holiday, but I do not mean a holiday on the Baltic Sea. Then, the editor will be open to assign his/her staff for what's on the press officer's mind. Like Armand Hammer said, everybody has a price. You can get into the media whatever is on your mind (Paris Hilton, Harry Potter) or you can keep things out (Kohl and Mitterrand corruption). It's your choice what you pay for. Veritas non olet - but you will probably not be able to resist shooting this messenger. (I am no friend of Germany. I do not really care what happens in the USA, have never been there, and cannot afford to go visit.)