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A study for Europeana of datasets including Person/Organization names: Conclusions: - The best datasets to use for name enrichment are VIAF and Wikidata - There are few name forms in common between the "library-tradition" datasets (dominated by VIAF) and the "LOD-tradition datasets" (dominated by Wikidata) - VIAF has more name variations and permutations, Wikidata has more translations - VIAF is much bigger (sec 2.4.2): 35M persons/orgs. Wikidata has 2.7M persons and maybe 1M orgs - Only 0.5M of Wikidata persons/orgs are coreferenced to VIAF, with maybe another 0.5M coreferenced to other datasets, either VIAF-constituent (eg GND) or non-constituent (eg RKDartists) - A lot can be gained by leveraging coreferencing across VIAF and Wikidata - Wikidata has great tools for crowd-sourced coreferencing I'm very glad of your news above. This means the rift between Wikidata and VIAF will narrow quickly. - presentation "Wikidata, a target for Europeana's semantic strategy?" (,_a_target_for_Europeana%E2%80%99s_semantic_strategy%3F) upcoming at GLAM-WIKI 2015 - please participate in #coreferencing works!
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Mar 27, 2015