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Vali Wimberly
Interests: Reading, running, snowboarding, my career, painting, photography, listening to music, cooking, organizing events, teaching English, camping, hiking, climbing, yoga (vinyasa), cycling.
Recent Activity
KK- I don't know the deal on the parking police but it seems there are many 'regular' cars parking there. I think some people are justifing 'fuel efficient' cars by their personal standards which seems to be all that one can do since there aren't any regulations regarding this type of parking. I do like the idea though--rewards for those who promote a better environment.
KK~ This post was great fun, the dogs really wanted their pictures taken! --or maybe they just wanted some attention. Actually when I took a picture a little wennier dog was standing on the tail end of a lab! I tried to check the pic but he jumped off too soon. The dogs really seem to have a great time playing together.