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This certainly has been shown to be true with fuel efficiency in vehicles. People get a more fuel efficient vehicle and they tend to drive more... I am not sure this is really true with energy efficiency in general. Are we building more buildings *because* they are energy efficient? Are people buying more refrigerators *because* they are energy efficient? Did people get big screen TVs *because* they are energy efficient? Or is there something else driving the increased adoption, and better efficiency is either a selling point or a government mandate? I have always had two refrigerators. The increased efficiency has not made me go buy additional ones, but it has made the two that we have consume much less energy. I don't know anyone who has gone out and bought an air conditioner because they consume less energy now than 50 years ago.. I know people who put in air conditioning because they didn't like being hot. I bought a new TV because our old one broke. Not because the new LED one I bought uses less energy than the old one. People I know with more than 5 TVs (and I know a few) don't have so many because - "hey now they are efficient!" - they have more TVs because they wanted TVs all over their house. In fact, I would wager that some of their TVs are *less* efficient than older models (the first few generation Plasma TVs sucked electricity like no TV before!). No one builds an *Extra* building because it can bee LEED compliant. We build buildings because we need/want the buildings. The new XBox 360 is more efficient than the original, and the new iMac is more efficient than older models. But people are not buying them because they are more efficient, people buy them because they want to play the latest games or have a nice new computer. Since people are buying, building, and using - why not make them as efficient as possible? If I am gonna have a TV anyway, I might as well have one that consumes less energy. If we are gonna have buildings, might as well make them LEED... And actually, in California at least - because of the higher efficiency of products - California per-capita energy consumption has been trending slowly downward even as the totoal energy consumption has been trending upward. Did you buy a computer because they can be energy efficient, or did you buy a computer because you could read and respond to blogs with it? Now transportation fuel is an entirely different beast... We definitely ship more stuff and drive more and whatnot as efficiency increases...
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Dec 21, 2010