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Tim Vandergrift
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Chalk it up to machismo marketing. Ski jumping is a bastion of the elite male skiers, and folks sponsoring them do not (or at least not yet) want to use their dollars to broach it.
Many interesting points in this discussion, but the central point seems to elude everybody: the IOC is an international criminal cartel for making money by descending on cities, cutting a deal with quislings and turncoats, transferring wealth from gullible or collusive peons to their syndicalist oligarchy, turning a cut over to the betrayers and walking off with billions of dollars in profit, as well as a blinged-out gangster lifestyle beyond the dreams of avarice. When they do something absurd, or against the best values of sport, the answer is always the same: money. Men's ski jumping has eager corporate sponsors who will pony up the cash, women's ski jumping does not. Ergo, ovaries, competitiveness, and sport development are meaningless distractions. As my uncle Vlad said, cui bono. Once you figure out where the money is going, it all makes complete sense.
The important thing is that these hockey players lacked something crucial if they were going to drink beer, smoke cigars and whoop it up in a post-match bonding ritual. Penises. If it was the men's team the AP photographer would have had his shot in black and white on the cover of some bombastic publication with an inspiring and sappy title, 'Savoring Gold', or suchlike and it would have elicited smiles and murmurs about camaraderie and shared experiences. Instead, because the players were cursed with the dreaded vagina, they are disqualified from savouring triumph, and should have gone back to the locker room to tart themselves up in demure but revealing but sensible clothing to show proper respect for the penis-fetishists who are the IOC. Bah.
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Feb 27, 2010